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Book Review: Dream’s Sake, Author – Jyoti Arora, Publisher – V & S Publishers

Dream’s Sake by Jyoti Arora is a roller coaster completly emotiinal ride towards achieving dreams.

Battles always surround us, either physically or mentally. Physical battles happen, leave a scar and life moves on but mental battles are more fatal. They exhaust the warriors not only physically but mentally as well. Many times these mental battles are fought within the confines of our brains and often witnessed through – Dreams.

Yes, dreams are extensions of our thoughts, our dilemmas and our fights with ourselves and sometimes wuth our beloved and friends as well. Dream’s sake is one such story where all the ingredients of life – friendship,love, trust, care, compassion, betrayl, revenge and sacrifice meet at the crossroads of life.

This story is about Aashi and her friends – Abhi, Priyam and Sid. Abhi and Priyam are siblings whereas Sid is a friend of Abhi. All three are grief striken with their past but life restarts its course of action as Aashi enters with her own share of griefs and a past. All four being young and vivacious have their set of dreams which they wish to fulfill. The story is a meshwork of their emotional journey as they head forward and destine their fates for Dream’s sake.

Handling such a complex mesh of emotions and behaviors within limited number of pages is not a work of an amateur. One needs to have that eye and heart. Surprisingly, this comes as the debut novel from the author, Jyoti Arora. She is young in person and in book writing as well but is strong enough to give hard times to fellows and veterans for sure. I guess her qualifucation as a P.G. in English Literature and Applied Psychology arms her with the mighty intellect.

The plot is gripping and close to reality and hence no extra efforts required to visualize and emphathise with well-etched characters. Stories are all around us, this one belongs to this very space. We need to identify our stories and roles within. This story leaves you being more lovable and compassionate.

I conclude this review with a few words from the author herself; “Hope and despair fight a battle. Guilt rises up and resent the forgiveness. Revenge weaves a web. Friendship is tested. And love demands a sacrifice . A tumultous battle wages on…”.


Book Review: Happily Murdered, Author – Rasleen Syal, Publisher – Srishti Publishers

Murder – Is it really an act of cowards?

Doesn’t it requires all the strength to plan and plot? What about the courage to stand tall in front of the target and what about the force required to implement the act? It is a heavy and tiresome task. One has to bear the burden of past, the heaviness of silent present and tiring journey that lies ahead…

Shudn’t the murderer be happy after easing off the burden from blocked mind? Yes, of course. It is posdible because the target has been happily murdered! Read on as Rasleen, the author murders her protagonist right on the first page and leaves you with a mystery filled crime thriller story of a family where everyone is being scrutinized under an eye if suspison.

A crime thriller or a murder mystery, whatever you say it; but can a female writer really pull off this genre? Of course she can and why not? Yes, she did it. Being herself a mystery addict who happily seeks out a veiled detective behind her tresses in her everyday life, Rasleen digs into a murder of a newlywed – Gulab.

The story starts, as Gulab is enjoying her time. She is at peace and she is happy. She has to be because she has all the reason to be happy. She is married to her love. But, the story takes a twist as she fells down loosing her senses only to be discovered lifeless, the next morning. She is dead but she is happy and she is at peace…she is happily murdered!

Who the murderer is?

Each and every single family person is eyeing and spying on the other for sparing themselves from the stigma of being tagged as a murderer. An interesting plot wherein all relations are on stake to find out who is behind this? Is he the husband who is the beneficiary of Gulab’s share of wealth after her demise or is she her jealous family friend who was engaged to Gulab’s husband, earlier? Is he her former love (who happens to be a family friend) or is she her adamant sister-in-law who doesn’t like her at all? Can there be a possibility of some outsider’s hand or is it some rare of the rarest cases where in in-laws are altogether against the new bride?

Is it anways possible that she herself took her life; atleast investgation negates this theory as well. The extravagence of the family, the betrayl of love friendship, the revenge of lost love and height of forgiveness; there is much more than this in this feast.

Rasleen shines as a promising author of the times. If this is her level of committment towards her passion then she has much more to conquer and I am confident that she will be able to do it, easily and with poise.

There are numerous factors that keep you binded with the story: the narration style, the plot, the character sketching, the mystery, the speculations, the calculations, the hidden facts…I may go on but the fact is true that you will be able to appreciate only if you five yourself into the story.

I happily admit it to be one of my favorites. Highly recommemded especially for those who live family drama and mystery thriller.

Not be missed! A powerful script to be enacted as a teleserial. :)

Book Review: J.U.I.C.E. Author – Mohit Jain, Publisher – Notion Press

Academic books, are generally considered to be a boring compilation of repeatitive and not so easily understandable concepts and theories.

As the grade level increases the complexity increases; leaving behind a pile of unanswered questions and an option to cram it up all and pass the exams. Is this the actual purpose of writing a book? Is this the (real) purpose of imparting education?

Definitely NOT. Ironically, not many books are capable of strengthening the basics with clarity while maintaining the interests of the readers. Will this approach, this method or this definition even change? Luckily, the process has begun.

J.U.I.C.E. is one such interesting attempt to fill-up the lacunae between theory and practical in our education system. With this, he attends to the learning needs of the change makers of tommorrow.

Mohit Jain is also an experienced faculty. His methodology and approach is easily understandable and can be put into practical use with ease. This book is yet his one more attempt to bring change in education, a change in age old norms. This work rests on the concept of teaching management theories with practical examples using stories. Are you catching up?

Stories have always fascinated the readers and listeners since the time immemorial. Mohit mixes the sweetness of stories in bland academic subjects with the  flavors of ‘Management’ and ‘Economics’ in order to serve you with J.U.I.C.E! Check this book out to decipher, what this acronym unveils. Worth an attempt.

This is my second attempt in reviewing Mohit Jain’s work and I am on my way, refreshing my studied concepts with each turning page. I have myself headed a content development team for management books and thus, am aware of challenges and risks involved. It’s a proof of his innovatively creative thoughts and consistent dedication.

I wish I was introduced to him during my studying phase. I am a double post-graduate with a degree in pure sciences and another in management. I am confident that if I had been armed with his books during those days, I could have scored more. :(

His teaching technique empowers the students to attain knowledge in these subjects from a different perspective and mentors them to stretch their limited limits.

The book cover is attractive and thoughtful. A martini glass filled up with what all you are going to relish in this drink!

The ingredients (read it as table of contents) of J.U.I.C.E. include:

I- Marketing

- Direct Marketing: 8 pages

- 4Ds of Marketing Mix: 10 pages

- 4S of Rural Marketing Signals: 24 pages

- Don’t lie, Hide the Truth: 10 pages

- In Search of Brand Identity: 24 pages

II – Economics

- What is Economics?: 12 pages

- My Mother is the best Economist: 12 pages

- Taking about Central Problems: 10 pages

- Economics in Advertisement: 12 pages

- Perfect Competition is a Model: 18 pages

Juice up your studies with the latest from the author.

A juicy collection of about 140 pages that will add flavors to your otherwise bland studies.

Highly recommended!

Book Review: Four Corners of the Circle, Author – Mohit Jain with Amita Sood, Publisher – Partridge Publishing

Four Corners of Circle is not a book. It is a religious attempt to refresh what all we are guided with by our parents, our teachers and our mentors. It will not be an anomoly if I say this book – a MENTOR.

Since times immemorial, students have been guided and mentored for assistance in pursuing their career and aspirations. Utmost care and attention is expected during such knowledge sharing sessions. Reasons need to be backed up with apt and ample amount of examples and set benchmarks.

This work is an attempt to guide the students with an appropriate approach to finalize upon their career decisions. Having said this, it surpasses the ‘students’ category in its scope and expands to ‘parents’ and ‘teaching’ community as well. Students will enjoy reading it due to its simplicity and efficacy; whereas the ‘parents’ and ‘teachers’ community will pick it and praize it for its timeless and seamless set of examples thst fit-in very easily in any student’s life.

Proceeding further, the working professionals as well, can throw a glance over it for refreshing their tiresome mood after working hard and burning oil and blood for earning a living. It will help you to reitirate all the teachings learnt during the hunting and/or struggling period.

On completion, readers will feel empowered as their thoughts will be more streamlined and path-ahead will be easily spotted and with utmost clarity. Though, readers will find most of the thoughts, to be repitition of what they already know about but the author takes an edge with his style of narration. The simplicity with which he flows his thoughts from his mind to book and from the book pages to reader’s mind, makes the book purchase deal worth a consideration.

Mohit Jain himself is an experienced professional who brings his expertise packaged in the form of a book at your disposal. He has been successfully dispensing his duties of being a teacher, a mentor and a trainer since past handsome years. With this book he steps ahead to leave a positive impact on its readers.

A recommended read for college students who are soon to be stepping into the job hunting zone and longing to land up into the best bet among the hungry corporates.

Undoubtedly, a suggested read to be secured by libraries of edicational institutes and corporate houses as well.

Book Review: Moments of Truth, Author – Nimish Tanna, Publisher – Frog Books, Leadstart Corp.

Truth, what is truth? What’s your definition of truth? Please, do not get confused as I start jotting my thoughts in this way, this very time.

Moments of Truth is just not an average story written by some average guy. It is  motivating story that ends up in self-realization and highlights the importance of accepting and facing the reality of truth in our lives.

We all bear the burden of our share of hidden truths (DO NOT READ it as FALSE BELIEFS). Nimish, the author guides his readers to meet head-on with such truths as the right moment comes!

This is the story of Arjun Mehta who has recently accepted his love for Shruti. The story builds up as he proposes her for marriage but demands a wait of months during which period, he was going to be non -approachable. This suspense bothers Shruti but she succumbs to her love, with a belief that he will unveil what is hidden. Three months later, he returns. She is elated about their reunion but he is not back with the answers to her questions. Rather, he has a whole new lot of mysteries waiting to be unbundled from the past.

What and why is he hiding from her? What or whom is he searching for? Tred along with the couple as they restart their journey from his B-school and revive the moments of truth from his college life. Will the questions be answered or will the author present with more puzzles to be solved?

Nimish, himself was an engineering student (completed his engineering and MBA as well) and he has tactfully caught hold of the nerves of the students of this age group. The first crush, the aspirations, the success, the failure, the milestones, the friendship,  the love – all the colors brought together to paint the rainbow of life.

As I stated earlier, this is not just an average college oriented love story. This is a meaningful story, which is guided with a purpose and a re-purpose. A story which is not merely written for some entertainment or enlightment but a journey beheaded towards self-realization.

Rediscover yourself yet one more time with Arjun Mehta and Nimish Tanna to give a purpose to your living in order to re-purpose your life.


A book that should be read by all college-going students and teenagers. A perfect companion during colorful college days and during long unending hours in college libraries


Author Aju Mukhopadhyay announces his latest – The Story of India’s Progress

About the Book

It must be admitted that India, a vast country, physically many times more than many countries, has made tremendous material progress; economically, scientifically and technologically. It is being revered or feared as a power to reckon with.

India is passing through a disturbing phase. The country is torn between the political parties while people loose their common wealth and prosperity, prospect to grow as proper citizens of the world. Corruption of all sorts is eating into its health.

The first part of this work is an effort to present the past history of the country and the present condition of it based on authentic works, newspaper reports and discussion in periodicals. The second part of the book presents some enlightening inspirational ideas based on parables, stories and golden advices of great spiritual personalities. They suggest the paths to be followed for true and honest development of the country, of the human beings in general.


About the Author

Aju Mukhopadhyay is a bilingual award winning poet, author and critic, writes fictions and essays too.

Note: This update is published a little late due to some unavoidable conditions at blogger’s side. Inconvenience is regretted.

Random House India saddened by Shri B.K.S. Iyengar passing away

We at DK India are deeply saddened by the news of Shri B.K.S. Iyengar passing away earlier today.   One of the world’s leading teachers of yoga for Ianover 70 years and internationally recognized as the pioneering authority on a form of hatha yoga called Iyengar yoga, he died at the age of 96 due to ailing health.

DK has been closely associated with Guruji for over a decade now, with the first edition of the widely popular “B.K.S Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health” published in 2001. Following the book’s huge success, a revised edition was published in 2008.

In 2014, DK collaborated with Iyengar for another revised edition of the book to commemorate his 95th birthday. This latest edition of “B.K.S Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health” is an inspirational, contemporary celebration of Iyengar’s life and work. While working on this latest edition, DK had the opportunity of interviewing Iyengar at his Institute in Pune, with a rare glimpse into his daily life and interactions with family, disciples, and students. Almost like a personal audience with the man himself, the book uses a combination of personal anecdotes and memories to inspire readers who could be students of yoga, or are aspiring to learn the form. A key aspect of this book is the introduction and explanation of props that has helped Iyengar yoga become more accessible to people of different ages and abilities. The book charts the growth and expansion of Iyengar Yoga as the Guru’s teachings spread across the world with over 3,800 certified teachers across over 40 countries, from the US and the UK, to Italy, Spain, Germany and now China.

Aparna Sharma, MD of DK India, says:

“I was lucky enough to meet Guruji during the making of Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health, and will forever cherish the opportunity to have met and interacted with such a wonderfully generous and inspiring human being.’’

Guruji’s message: Yoga is eternal. It is evergreen and timeless. It is the answer to the infinite stresses modern-day life brings us. Yoga brings balance to our lives, calms the restless mind, and brings us to a point of complete quiet. It is then that we discover our true self.  In one word, yoga is the golden key for golden health. But health is not just physical fitness. There are seven stages of health: physical, physiological, mental, intellectual, conscious, conscientious, and divine health. When all the seven stages of health are in harmony in a person, then, I say he is a worthy human being.

Note: This update is published a little late due to some unavoidable conditions at blogger’s side. Inconvenience is regretted.


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