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New Book Release News: Indian Youth and Electoral Politics edited by Sanjay Kumar Publisher: Sage Publications

January 9, 2014

About the Book

Indian Youth and Electoral Politics” studies the significant relationship between Indian youth and electoral politics in the country. The book answers many pertinent questions:

  • Does a young candidate matter to the young voters?
  • Do youth vote more enthusiastically if there are young candidates contesting elections?

Contrary to the popular notions, there is an increased interest in the electoral politics amongst the Indian youth. But when it comes to voting, there is a lower participation.

The book looks at the level of awareness of the youth about political issues and analyses youth interest and participation in the electoral politics. It also points out that a large percentage of Indian youth would be willing to take up politics as their career choice. However, there are differences in level of youth interest and electoral participation along gender, locality and various such social variables.

About the Editor

Mr. Sanjay Kumar is a professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi and Co-Director, Lokniti, a research program of CSDS. Trained in survey research at the Summer School in the University of Michigan, he has directed various national and state-level surveys conducted by CSDS, including the series of National Election Studies (NES) conducted during the Lok Sabha elections from 1996-2009.He is also the author of ‘Changing Electoral Politics in Delhi: From Caste to Class‘ and the co-author of ‘Measuring voting Behaviour in India‘.

For book related enquiries contact

Ms. Vasudha Rastogi (Sage Publications)
Tel: 011-4063 9239

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