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Dear readers,

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your kind support and enthusiasm shown w.r.t the blog. I am really greatful to the visitors, readers and the followers for accepting the blog in good lights.

I promise to provide you with a nice and interesting experience with every visit to the blog. As promised earlier, I am making an expansion in my blog, starting from this week.

The expansion feature entails inviting guest posts from the authors and publishers. Publishers, can see this expansion as a marketing exercise for promoting your books, events and the organization as well, whereas, the authors can see this exercise as a self-promotion or say, a self-branding exercise.

Please send an e-mail confirming your interests and send the topic / title that you would like to cover in the post. At present, I do not have any strict guidelines / restrictions but I would be happy to receive the posts that are related to the blog theme only.

You can consider options such as book releases, book events, authors personal experiences, book signings events, and more. Please feel free to send in your suggestions, I do not mind expanding the list as far as it is in mutual interests to both of us.

Please direct your queries / suggestions / feedback to priyanka.bat@gmail.com.