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Done with Men, shuchi Singh Kalra, Indireads, young adult, fiction, romance, romcom, rom-com

Done with men by Shuchi Singh Kalra, published by Indireads

Title: Done with Men                                                Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra

Publisher: Indireads

Done with Men Book Excerpt                                               

Pages: 109                                                                   Price: Rs. 175/-

                                   Release Date: February 14, 2014

First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Shuchi Singh Kalra, the author for showing faith in me and choosing my blog for promoting and reviewing her book on the blog. I am a follower of her Indian freelancing blog. So, when I received her email proposing the idea, I could not refrain back and accepted the proposal almost instantaneously. The novella introduction provided was so much interesting that I decided to restart my book blogging practice one more time.

Many many thanks Shuchi!


Done with the Men’, is about a girl – Kairavi Krishna (Kay) who swears to walk out of the love-vista because she has lost all hope of ever-finding love. Her best friend cum flat mate – Baani accompanies her to a vacation-cum-work trip to Goa, where she hopes to get away from her dejected love life and resolves to stay clear of the men.

The story (set in Goa) illustrates how the recent advancements (her break off and a much needed New Year break) in her life compelled her to believe that she would never find a true love (no matter, how hard she tried) and how she struggle within to find answers to her impasse.

This is author’s first endeavour in novel writing and she has truly done all justice to the story and the characters as well.


This romantic fiesta is a twenty- part narrative encapsulated in twenty short and crisp chapters. The story starts as Kay (the protagonist) finds herself on a hospital bed, all packed in an arm sling and with a fractured shoulder. On questioning Baani about what went wrong with her (Kay), she learns that she had fallen off the balcony last night, broke her clavicle, has a dislocated shoulder and a ‘Done with Men’ tattoo on her arm. Getting puzzled? So was Kay, when she heard this straight-cut retort from Kapil (Baani’s boy friend).

The story progresses as she recalls the developments in past three days. Three days ago, on Christmas Eve, Baani told Kay that they would be off to Goa, the next day. What do you think, why were they heading to Goa; to have a break from sulky mood swings? The answer is – No.

Ravi – Mr. Editor (Ed, as she says) was looking for someone to cover the Sunburn Fest and wine culture of Goa and according to him, she (Kay) deserved it more than anyone else did. Actually, Baani realized that Kay needed this break too much and convinced Ravi to assign the project to her.

All laden with the sorrows of her relationship with Ricky (her infuriating ex-boyfriend); she finally decides to take up the assignment and visits Goa for a vacation-cum-work trip wishing that some peaceful timeout might take her mind away from the break up and help her focus on things that mattered to her.

On reaching Goa, everyone and everything reminded her of Ricky. On the final day of the fest, she actually spots Ricky with his new girlfriend at the same party, which she was attending. She was infuriated on seeing him and tried to manage her emotional outpour by having vodka shots.

Now, what is she to do? How did she fall off the hotel balcony? Did she get a much-needed medical assistance? Will her doctor attend her wisely and finally, will she actually get a break from pissed off love life? Why did she think she is “Done with Men”?

The subsequent series of chapters unveil the mysteries. Find out answers to these questions as this crisp romantic novel takes new twists and turns with the entry of a new character – Dr. Vivian D’ Mello, her attending doctor. Falling off the balcony, food-allergies, boy-friend encounters, love crush, rumours about the doctor’s engagement (with hospital co-owner’s daughter) and much more – is this all she had longed for on a vacation?

What does future have in store for her? What secret(s) is the doctor hiding? Why is he giving mixed signals? Are these emotions an example of self –deception only? What story lies behind the tattoo? What do you think – will she be done with men? or will she find a reason to believe in love again? Does Vivian love Kay?

My Review

I loved the characters and beautiful relationships between them. I could very easily correlate with the main character – Kay. All credits to Ms. Shuchi – the debutant author. She has penned the characters beautifully with the help of descriptive adjectives that carve out an image every time you complete reading a sentence.

This is her debut novel and she undoubtedly displays her writing talent, brilliantly. Her ability to design emotions with versatile vocabulary is impressive. The easy flow of text from one incident to another is breathtaking and compels (the reader) to move along with the flow. She presents the story in first-person voice in which she describes how the characters feel at a given point of time. This is a crisp one-sit read.

This attractive and interesting novella, will very easily find space on bookshelf with other coffee-table books. Anyone can read it on the go.

About the Characters

Kay: is a travel writer. She is not a flashy or charismatic type but is today’s girl, who is smart, young, observant, thoughtful and most importantly – she is single. She believes that she is done with men and now she wishes to concentrate on her career.

Baani: is Kay’s best friend-cum-flatmate and her BFF. She is her companion in all evens and odds in life. She fulfils her role as a supporting pillar to her in this story.

Kapil: is Baani’s boyfriend. A simple man who does not likes to socialise much and is one of those boring, serious type of guys.

Ravi: is her boss, with whom she had a sexual encounter when they were working together on a previous assignment. After that, they moved further with maturity and without hindering their professional relationship.

Dr. Vivian D’ Mello: is Kay’s attending doctor. He is much more than a handsome face and has many layers to his personality. He is a head turner as he is the one giving Kay mixed signals, which are confusing her more (and readers as well) than anything else.


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light-hearted romantic story. The story is interesting and the author has done a good job of illustrating the characters and their emotions beautifully. My favourite, in the midst of all that I mentioned, is how the two souls (of Kay and Vivian) are connected with each other. They seem to be like the two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, which are not same but fit together perfectly, to make a complete picture. As this book slated to be a Valentine Day release, it can be a sure-shot pick for the lovebirds and lonely birds alike. Grab your copy now!

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As an ending note, I extend my heartiest wishes for her. I wish, may your book be well received by the readers.