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ISBN: 978-0-9919600-3-3Pyar aur Poetry

Author: Roopa Menon

Publisher: Indireads

Pyar aur Poetry book excerpt

Pages: 64

Price: INR 119

Webpage: http://www.indireads.com/books/pyar-aur-poetry/


College beauty Arundhati Basu would rather stick her head in the proverbial oven than host this year’s Founder’s Day event with tongue-tied nerd, Nikhil Menon. Compared to the brilliant but elusive poet, D. G. Beckett, Nikhil is a green toad.

As Arundhati gets to know him, however, she finds herself oddly drawn to the shy geek, and he, in turn, grows in confidence as he spends more time with her. His hopes for a lasting relationship with Arundhati seemed to be within his reach.

If only she could forget D. G. Beckett!

My Review:

A beutiful college romance novella at it’s best.

The story is about a strong headed girl Arundati, a literature master D.G. Beckett and a shy and timid lad Nikhil. Arundati and Nikhil are classmates of St. Paul College, an institution known for its surpreme literature gems.

Arundati is an intelligent and sharp literture student, who is has also been poetry contest winner since past three consecutive years but this year, it was not her. It was some D.G. Beckett, may be a former St. Paul student as everone speculated on learning about his existence. Arundati, having a go-getter attitude couldn’t refrain herself from the charismatic enigma of the mystery man. She was overly impressed by his writing skills and longed for knowing more about him. She takes up this foray as her top priority mission.

The bad day became worse (at-least, this was how she was taking it) as her teacher – Nadkarni assigns her the duty to host the soon approaching Founder’s Day with someone in class named – Nikhil. A guy who seemed to be a sheepish personality and not so impressive that she could happily share the stage with him.  Now, he was her second mission. She wished she could somehow make him runaway from the responsibility.

An intelligent masterpiece of love story as far as Indian literture (or writers) are concerned. It is hard to digest that this is the first attempt from the author’s pen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and that too without taking any break. The strong characters, straight plot, simple story-line and beautiful poetry – what more can a reader ask for from a dedicated author. A reading treat both for eyes and for minds alike.

The eyes get a treat as they visualize the journey of the characters from individuals to pageturners and a treat for the mind because very rarely you find a solid script without any crap intimate scenes and laden with culturally rich literati. I loved how two contrasting literature lovers – Arundati (a western culture admirer) and Nikhil (an Indian literature expert) strike chords with each other and with a background score from D.G. Beckett.

The character I liked the most was Nikhil’s grandmother. I got so much attarcted to her  that instead of reading the story with Arundati’s perspective, I unknowingly hoped into Nikhil’s shoes and could just feel her warmth around me.

My Recommendation:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The author has been successful in balancing – Pyar and Poetry, the two essence of college life with utmost ease. A must read especially for college going students and those who are interested in college romances!