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Title: Balcony on the River

Balcony on the River

Author: Kaushik Ghosh

Publisher: Notion Press

Balcony on the River book excerpt

Book Review

The Balcony on the River is a tell tale of Andy who visits India in search of his missing friend Nevin McIntosh along with Nevin’s girl friend Sara Sutherland. The situation becomes grave as during the journey more stories are added only to add on to the already prevailing mysteries.

Don’t be afraid, with the information rich pages in your hands in the shape of the book and with Mr. Kaushik Ghosh, the author as your companion, you need not worry and get afraid. Without any delay tighten your shoes as he takes you to an adventurous journey up high the Himalayas, which is as deep as a river.

The book cover is beautifully drawn with a balcony on the river. The glossy effect adds on to the mystery as you feel like you yourself are standing upon some bridge and looking over the balcony on the river. The silent waters are testimony of the hidden mysteries beneath the standing waters.

The story begins as we learn about two companions trekking on Himalayan range of India; not enjoy the picturistique view but to find their lost friend Nevin. The author teleports the readers back to UK, where the roots of the situation are. The plot is based on the driving emotions of trust and love. Andy and Nevin are colleagues in same office and one day Nevin chooses to suggest his name for a company project in India. Things were going fine and he used to stay connected with his friends and family until one day, when his calls stopped only to find him missing.

The situation worsens as the Indian police declares him an anti-social element by forging drug trafficking charges against him and suspect him to be no more. As expected, nobody is ready to buy the crap from the Indian police but felt helpless with them located so far away from the point of action. Story takes turn with a lead, an important piece of information, coming from their Indian office mate – Sanjay. I tell you, it is not that straight as put and has much more to be revealed and deduced.

Finally, Andy and Sara are here in India with a hope bringing forth by Sanjay. What has he to share? Why he isn’t updating Indian police with the latest findings? Why is he not contacting the office management or for that matter of fact embassy officials? Why did he choose to share with Andy and Sara at all? What is he up to? Will they be able to find Andy’s whereabouts? Most importantly, is Nevin alive?

You should read this mind boggling twister and turner to enjoy how the author maintains to keep the readers busy all through the book with no boring facts and encounters. All interesting facts and findings making it – a worthy of a read. Not just reading experience, the book bestows you with learning experience as well through the rich legacy of Indians in India and abroad. It takes you back to  the era of Second World War and brings to present date.

The complete journey is like the course of a river. Starting from the high mountains with active currents to the plains where it is smooth and easy but hides lot more within. The author has been successful in binding the readers and maintaining the curiosity until the right time comes.

My recommendation

An mind boggling enjoyable read. It’s recommended.You must be thinking, why is this review ending abruptly. No it is not but just to console your instinct, lemme, give out a secret, which might help. It is not only about Nevin. The strings are attached with Sanjay, Andy and Sara as well. Are they all conspiring against Nevin? What do think? Do check out and share your views. Will be waiting.

Pages: 265

Price: Rs. 295 (Paperback), Rs. 187 (ebook)



Nevin McIntosh, a Scottish and Andy Singh, a British Sikh – colleagues and close friends work together in a large multinational bank in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. Sara Sutherland is Nevin’s girlfriend. It was a summer when Nevin surprises everyone by taking up an assignment in Mumbai, Indian branch of the bank ignoring all advices. After three months of his movement to Mumbai, Nevin takes time off for a trip to explore some parts of India and then he disappears. The next three months are full of agony and anxiety for Nevin’s parents, Andy and Sara.

With no positive news coming from India on whereabouts of Nevin and investigations providing little confidence, Andy and Sara, friend and girl friend of Nevin McIntosh set out for India during winter on their first visit to the country without any anticipation of the experiences they will undergo and a larger story will unfold.

A multi layered mystery story spread across different countries, cultures, characters and a few decades– “Balcony on  the River”.