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Title: A Cursed Land A Cursed Land

Author: N. Bobo Meitei

ISBN: 9789382395157

Pages: 395

Price: Rs. 350/-

Publisher: Ruby Press & Co.


If circumstances can play with lives then Nonglei is no exception. At an early age he accidentally joins one of the many insurgent groups in Kangleipak (Manipur), and during his days with them he becomes mentally sick and thus finds a way out. The only way is to migrate to one of the mainland cities like most people from Kangleipak. After he has arrived he tirelessly looks for ways to leave behind his tainted world.

As a person still trying to reconcile with his past he pursues conventional higher studies with little enthusiasm, and later, like most people, he is compelled to look for a job. He ends up working for a major daily in the city, but it doesn’t take him long to be disgusted despite what others would call his a ‘successful journalistic career.’ Understanding that his career as a journalist is frivolous he attempts to write for himself as a means to subdue the guilt in him. The more he tries, his world becomes more serious. But that seriousness is another sincere window. While he is in this world he has forgotten that he hasn’t been home in years. Those who could be looking for him by now must have been dead.

With enormous easiness he goes home to see his ailing father. When he returns, after he has faced the vanity of humans at the place where his father is diagnosed with cancer, he finds his girlfriend dead. She has been a victim of sexual abuse. This incident thickens the gloom in him, and as though it isn’t enough he loses his father.

Despite the loss and his mother being alone, he has to go back for the sake of money. But violent eruption grips the place, and when it gets worse he waits with the feeling of being stranded. While waiting he is drawn and then made a party. Overnight he is outlawed, leaving him no means to explain himself. Now, it’s either to surrender himself only to be killed or to return to the long-forgotten bloody world for his survival.

The book questions a supposedly legitimate establishment, a failed revolution, the defunct intellectualism, a mankind more corrupt, and a lot more.

About the Author:

Born in Imphal, Manipur, which he likes to call Kangleipak, Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei attended school there and later lived in the Indian city of Pune for further studies. After his ‘failed years in India’ he went and lived in South-East Asia for almost six years. There he started writing for a few portal sites which hardly understood his literary talents. When he had written his first fiction work he returned home thinking he would get a decent publisher. While looking he ran out of money and was forced to look for jobs. He worked for the Times Group for sometimes, and remained engaged in business journalism at other establishment. He is a detailed prose writer with enormous sympathy for the ‘ignored class’, a sharp cynic, and also an amateur street photographer. Tales Of Human Mischief is his first book, and A Cursed Land is his second fiction work.