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Title: Chakra – Chronicles of the Witch Way

Chakra, Ritu Lalit, Authors Empire

Chakra by Ritu Lalit

Author: Ritu Lalit

Publisher: Authors Empire

Pages: 978-81-9264-801-9

Price: Rs. 320/-

My Review:

Chakras – Chronicles of the Witch way, if I put in simple words is a mesmerizing and captivating read. Moreover, as the cover page promises it to be, is truly an UNPUTDOWNABLE work of fiction. This creative work of supernatural powers is the awesome brainchild of the author – Ms. Ritu Lalit. Going with the past records, this is her third creative and what a hat –trick, I must say.

The story is set in the (bygone) age of powerful Japas and Japnis, who were the masters of power or as they term it – Kundalini, the dormant potential force. Chakra meditation can awaken the hidden energies i.e. Kundalini in men and women, which then can perform tasks that are otherwise impossible to accomplish. The story is based on the belief of times that the age of the Gurus is spent and the age of Japnis has not not yet come to pass. In the age of Gurus, the knowledge accumulated, science progressed and the Japnis inherited the knowledge, which made them strong but they were still vulnerable.

The story starts as we learn that Tapan Guru has called for the clan leaders to conduct a Homa – the fire ritual and pay homage to Mother Kundalini, with a belief to settle all the odds among these clan leaders. These clans were represented by: Varuni (wind) – headed by Sinduri; Jalaj (water) – headed by Kusumlata Siwan; Bhoomar – headed by Siddhi; Pallav – headed by Kisna and Agney   – headed by Pushp-Rajni (who was conjoint twins).

As soon as they all sat for performing the ritual, a strong gust of wind scattered all the materials and abandoned it. The incident became worst with some masked face attacking the guru to his death. This attack was enough to invite further mishaps between the clan leaders and their respective warriors who had accompanied their leaders to this uninhabited land of sand, the desert of Rajasthan. Every clan member was attacking the other and the whole purpose of the meet, stood abolished.

One of the Jalaj member  – Jorawar caught hold of a Pallav – Akshat and learnt that there had been a small meeting of all the clans before the Homa and it was mutually decided to put an end to the Guru and his Guru Guards (Ashok, Meera, Sikka and Jorawar) and hence this attack. In addition to this, the Varuni head – Sinduri, wished her best of the warriors – Ashok Mohan and Meera Mohan, to be dead. Why – thought Jorawar, who owed Ashok for saving his life, started searching for Ashok and his brave wife, in order to save them. He failed. As soon as he regained his senses (after he went unconscious due to a bullet shot at him), Lata Irani – a scholar and an author (of books about clans) told him that Ashok and Meera were no more and that Sinduri has taken their kids along with her to Delhi.

The story progresses five years further when most of the Japa families have abandoned practicing the old rituals and ancient traditions. They took no pride in being Japa anymore and their children going to ‘normal’ schools and following non-Japa professions. The Jalaj leader – Sinduri (who was also mother to Chintan and Jorawar and a seer as well) was on deathbed and made a foretelling about the witches – something about the age of Japnis. Jorawar believed in this foretelling but was not an advocate of women being in power. Therefore, he wished to have every piece of information in order to avert the proceedings while Jorawar was a non-beliver.

The story moves ten years further as a young girl – Samaira Mohan – daughter of Ashok Mohan and Meera Mohan and a descendant of Sulochana Mohan, unknowingly experiences her Kundalini, the hidden potential power for the first time. The news spreads like fire in all the clans and everybody went after her – some to attack her while some to save her from the attacks. Unknown of all these past proceedings, Samaira Mohan, her brother – Sandeep Mohan, her cousin – Roma and their friend – Mickey, all fall in trap. Her aunt – Parineeta Mohan, who had discontinued the clan practices, finds herself helpless with no other way to protect the children but the only way left – ‘Witch Way’. The story proceeds as she sets out to save the kids and the chronicles of the Witch Way i.e. their Kundalini, their chakras and their powers unfold in front of all of us – the characters of the story themselves and the readers as well.

The author has a strong hold on her captivating writing skills, as penning numerous characters with so much balance and content is not as easy as said. In starting, I found the introduction of so many characters confusing and meaningless but as I flipped the pages, she introduced with yet, a few more and then I realised their importance. The story would not have been this much interesting, gripping and worthwhile in their absence. She describes the developments, struggles and encounters of different powers with so much ease that it was difficult to put the book down at any given point of time.

Kudos! to Ritu mam. At the end, I felt relieved as each character came out strong as their descriptions and treatment provided to them by the author. My favourite were two of them – first Lata Irani and second being Marjina Tai. Why? Well they were strong and led their lives with a purpose to serve others. The strength that these characters held was the best.

The message that came out strong says, ‘The truth is that your powers do not depend solely on the family you are born i. Each person has within him or her capacity to do great things. The innate abilities do not depend on your family or the social status you are born into’. This is such a truthful fact that applies to all.

Therefore, you should posses this novel to wake up your own Kundalini and continue with Chakra meditation while reading it.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and being enriched with the chronicles and fell in love with the Witchy way. A perfect tele-serial script!

A highly recommended read for fiction, thriller and suspense lovers.


The Japas are a race so secretive that their existence is dismissed as a myth. Tales of them abound in our mythology, telling of these men and women, possessing physical abilities beyond belief, playing with elements, with the power to curse and cure. They exist among us, mingle with us, ride our metros, visit our malls, an even go to the same schools and colleges as us.

Parineeta Mohan is a powerful Japni who has turned her back on the Witch Way. She has even brought up her niece and nephew as ordinary people, unaware of their heritage.

Their life changes when the kids disappear along with their cousin, Roma.

A shocked and desperate Parineeta has to find them before enemies of her family do, and has no one to turn to but Jorawar, a man she is attracted to but can’t trust since he belongs to the sinister organization Pax.

The only way she can fight, win and survive is to embrace her heritage, return to the Witch Way.