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Title: Hee Hee Hee (in Hindi)

Author: Dr. Narinder ShuklaNarinder Shukla

Publisher: Unistar Books – Forever Learning

ISBN: 978-93-8224-656-5

Price: Rs. 200/-

My Review:

‘Hee Hee Hee’ is the latest addition in the slapstick humour collection from Dr. Narinder Shukla. He is famous for his slapstick comedy writing style. His writing style is very influential using which he conveys his messages to the readers in a very simplistic style. He is a proficient writer in Hindi language. He uses very simple words that we all use in our daily lives and weaves them in dialogues which in turn makes his fictions real. He picks up examples and incidents from our daily lives and narrates them in the form of a enriching dialogues delivery.

He choses to pick common topics of common man. A few that he picked for this collection are Emigration, Politics, Fashion, blackmailing, Mobile usage, practising doctors and more. He develops his theme around an idea of light-hearted comedy that never hurts anybody rather brings out the cruel truth hidden behind the sheets. He has no intention to bear bad notions about the society, its members and influencers rather he wishes to convey that our laugh should not be a mere mock on others but it should be pure at heart.

He believes that ‘laugh or say happiness’ is the foundation of our lives. He sarcastically preaches that we should be a little diplomatic while expressing our happiness as it can subside debateable issues with simplicity yet in a respectful manner. Moreover, a smile ‘Hee Hee Hee’ can even conquer and leave behind the strongest competition and can even resolve unsettling matters. If it is inspired with some poor man’s sorrows then it helps in maintaining a social stature and not limiting to this you can become the favourites of the big fishes and safeguard yourself.

By the time, you finish reading the book, you realize that how fake our happiness has become. Fake happiness, fake smiles and fake people – the truth our society these days. You will learn to laugh on yourself, peek your inner self and think deeper to realize the actual situation – the real you. You can very easily finish this book in one-sitting, may be if you are on a travel, you will enjoy reading it.

I recommend these book to especially to those who have the courage to accept the slapstick truth on-face and take it on a lighter-note. No hard facts please.