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Veena Nagpal introduces her novel – The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureishi.

The book is about a twenty-year old girl who, traumatized by communal

The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureishi

The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureishi

conflicts, spontaneously regresses into memories of past lives spanning centuries. Memories so powerful they start being automatically broadcast on television, blocking out all other channels. Sucked into her reminiscences of power brokers manipulating love and revenge, murder and greed, an entire people finds itself at crossroads.

‘The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureishi,’ has been published by the same publishing house that discovered Amish Tripathi, the best selling novelist of the Shiva Trilogy fame – Tara India Research Press.

About the Book

Two young cousins hell-bent on restoring Muslim glory, even if it means importing terror. An incendiary Hindu religious leader with one mantra, ‘Break-mosques, buildtemples.’

Zeenat Qureishi has one question, “What’s my name? Why con’t you tell me my name?”

Traumatised in the aftermath of the London Tube bombing, the phobic 20-year-old comes to India. Long before Zeenat was born, the eldest Qureishi brother, his wife, and six-year-old daughter Zainab were murdered.

Zeenat’s family believed the Mehras, their Hindu family friends, responsible and the friendship turned sour. Wild and impetuous Zeenat promptly falls in love with Ajay Mehra. Faced with proof that he was involved in the demolition of a mosque, she scorns him.

Disturbed, Zeenat undergoes regression therapy in an atmosphere of paranoia and uncovers memories so powerful that she can project them. Communal bitterness that has simmered for centuries threatens to explode around her and Zeenat tries to find answer in the past that will help her understand and heal the present.

A graduate of Lucknow University, Veena Nagpal majored in English literature. She has written two previous novels, Karmayogi (Jaico) and Compulsion (Sterling). She has also written four children’s books, Time Travellers, Smuggler’s Isle, Tenderella and the FoFs and Garbie Garbyhog – The Worm That Wanted To Fly. Her short stories and articles on diverse topics have been published in leading Indian magazines. She lives with her family in Delhi and devotes most of her time to writing on environmental issues.