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Life, Odds and Ends

Anvita Bajpai is the author of the book, titled – ‘Life, Odds & Ends’. In relation to her latest book she made author appearances in various IIT and IIM circles.

Anvita Bajpai

Anvita Bajpai

Her first book launch was organised at IIT Madras on Jan 9th, during the college cultural festival – Saarang 2014. Dr. Dalton Eddy – IITMAA secretary launched the book during the event, which was well supported by IIT Madras Alumni office. The saga continued further the news updates were published in IIT Madras Alumni newsletter and pan IIT USA newsletter during the month of January 2014. These developments resulted in adding a count more (+1) to the IIM Alumni turned authors counting.

The month of February has a been a busy month for the author with:

– A reading session on February 16, 2014 at JustBooks, Bangalore.

– The book launch for Life, Odds and Ends at World Book Fair on February

Life, Odds and Ends

Life, Odds and Ends

20, 2014 with other women authors from Lifi publications. The event became more special as the Chief Guest – Dr. Charles Dias (MP) started his speech mentioning her book and as famous Hindi poet Mr. Ashok Chakradhar introduced her book to the audience; mentioning the emotions and issues discussed in the book.

– A book showcasing was organised in an Alumni get together organised by NSRCEL, at IIM Bangalore in the month of February 21, 2014. This event again, became a special occasion as her Prof. Anjana Vivek introduced her while recalling Anvita’s old blog that she wrote on Teacher’s Day last year. This no doubt made her feel even special that day as well.

On an interesting note, her book LOE, talks about the concept about how a happily married couple is converted into a struggling and cheating man and woman, just because of not being able to synchronise along with the changing phase of their married lives. Her book emphasises on different aspects “childcare & household chores”, “spending time together and intimacy”, “second marriage and kids”, and “in-laws, friends, career and family conflict” in its four stories – more of women’s perspective.

According to Anvita – “Recently, during my visit to World Book Fair, Delhi, I was told that there is a demand of crime/thriller fiction in Market but, release of this movie – by Farhan Akhtar and talks about books such as “Lean In”; especially in working women circles during last one year, is not just a coincidence. Something is happening in our society that deserves attention, read & a thought. I guess my book is very much launched at right time”

She has received accolades from the book lovers in all her events.