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About the Book

Chai—The Experience of Indian Tea is a journey into the heartlands of tea, across the length and breadth of India, offering a glimpse into the making of

Niyogi Books, Chai

Niyogi Books, Chai

the cup that cheers—the locales, the people, the process—a visual treat for the tea connoisseur, the casual tea-lover, the tea industry enthusiast, the tourist.

The repertoire of teas offered by India is vast and varied. The geographical spread and climatic variations impart distinct characteristics to the tea. Tea from a region depicts characteristics unique to the region—Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Kangra valley, etc.

The book portrays this remarkable feature tracing the journey of the tea leaf from the bushes to the brew covering the entire spectrum of the tea industry through well-knit text and eye-catching photographs. An impassioned endeavour to draw the reader into the true magic of tea that reflects the marvel of nature, human perseverance and intelligence.

About the Author (s)

Rekha Sarin: Rekha Sarin is a Delhi based freelance writer for leading

Rekha Sarin

Rekha Sarin

Indian magazines and newspapers, as well as for overseas journals on subjects of travel, culture and interior design. A graduate from the University of Delhi, she qualified with a gold medal from the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School of Journalism, besides being the recipient of the The Times of India gold medal. An inveterate lover of nature, she is particularly fond of descriptive writing. This is her second book.

Rajan Kapoor: Rajan Kapoor has been conferred with several national and international awards for photography, including the Commonwealth Photographic Award for Environment, and the National Wildlife Photographer Award. He was part of the five-member jury appointed to

Rajan Kapoor

Rajan Kapoor

decide on the National Art Awards, 2012. A successful industrialist, with a love for art, he has a wide range of interests as in nature, environment, art, music and sports, where he has excelled.

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