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Dear Readers,

I am glad to introduce today’s author in spotlight – Mr. Laxmikant Shukl.

BNI: We have heard you are supporting AAM ADMI PARTY. Did not you think so, that supporting a political party will highlight you amongst the critics?
It is not a matter of supporting any party. As an author, it is my moral duty to serve our country and I want some changes in our system. Now I see a passion for changing the system in AAP. All other parties are totally corrupted and full of evils. Therefore, they are not going to change anything. AAP is a best option for youth who want to change.

I frankly say I am a big supporter of AAP since it launched. I do not care what people think about me or what they say for me.

As I cannot ignore the truth that AAP making me come in critics but I’m not taking it otherwise.

I remember while seeing me in AAP people use to say ‘’AAP-AAP-Laxmikant shukl.’’

BNI: Indeed, a back-to-back hit by you – first writer, politics and now trying hand in the script writing for film what are you thinking about it.
LS: ‘
Ye to bhut kathin prashn puchh lia apne.’’I really love when my readers love all my work. My first novel ‘Sayaa’ was listed as National bestseller then a ‘blast.’

Now we talk about ‘5 SHADES OF LOVE’ and ‘TERE HI LIYE’ These both titles running successfully all over India. On the one hand people criticize me and other hand my readers show their love for me. As per my view script writing is a challenging role for a novelist, I am trying my best and love to accept any challenge in writing.

I assure you after releasing my film it will be a big hit.

BNI: Coming to your script for Hasrat, what types of movie is Hasrat? Any hint regarding Hasrat’s casting?
Hasrat is the story of a businessperson who builds his business on his own ways. In the process of growing his field, he is trapped by CBI. Anew girl joins him. Serendipitously they bond together. Their romantic relationship results in an awakening of his mind.

I can say that when people will watch its climax they would not able to forget this film.

For casting, I can suggest for budding performers, they can emails their photos, audio, videos and writing samples to laxmikant654@gmail.com

Hope this film will give platform for many performers.

BNI: As it is your first attempt in script writing. How challenging you felt it?
LS: When the director approached me for writing the film, I just accepted it happily but in the process of writing I came across some big challenges whom actually benefit to my life.

BNI: Let us talk about ‘Tere hi liye’ anthology. How you differentia your anthology from others as all are about same genre that is love?
When we talk about Tere hi liye, it is just differ from others. Because it contains 26 most liked love stories that are touching a million hearts continuously. It is my biggest hit till now. I cannot compare its success from others.

BNI: Could you share any experience that your criticizers are more than supporters?
LS: ‘
’Fir se kathin prashn puch lia apne.’’ I remembered the time when I was struggling for being an author. I realized then, writing may be a simple task but get published is just other thing.

Now when I am doing well then my problems do not end here. There are a number of people trying to show me down in politics, writing and film industry but as I said above, I do not care for anything. I do my work only and this is enough for me.

If I say it in one line, “I see only my supporters not criticizers.’

BNI: Thank you so much for taking out time for answering the questions and providing us with an insight into your persona. We, wish you the best for your movie production and the upcoming novel.