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When was the last time when you heard your inner voice and followed it? I am sure it was not long back ago but just in case it’s been long; Dear friends, do hear and

Life and Promises by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg

Life and Promises by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg

follow it, the very next time. You must be thinking what this abrupt statement has to do with the book review. Trust me, it has to.

‘Life and Promises’ a romantic affair penned by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg, is a sweet and inspirational novel from the author duo. It is about an IITian turned CA aspirant who had all the charms of a young lad of that age but his destiny had different plans for the young man. The story starts as Rachit finds himself packed in bandages and carefully mounted on a hospital bed. As he comes to his senses he finds another occupant sharing the room with him. In the beginning, he is not too comfortable and welcoming towards this occupant but slowly and steadily loves makes room and finds space in their conversation.

This story of Rachit, Radhika and Khushi is not a love triangle but a journey (taken up by Rachit along with the readers as well) to find the missing links between life, love, family and promises. It is a journey of identifying and understanding the emotional turmoil, which every single person fails to identify and attend at that age. College romance is a plot cherished by all but it needs daring, sense of belongingness and courage to speak TRUTH to bring down emotions from the cloudy mind and shedding them as rain in the form of tears. The scene becomes more creative as an author uses these tears as ink to pen down on papers and giving it a shape of easy-to-read, well connecting yet an UNPUTDOWNABLE novel.

The author duo has done a commendable job by maintaining a singular tone while narrating the story to the readers. While turning the pages you will experience as if it is a first person account shared with you live by your own friend and not through the wordily pearls woven in threads metamorphed to pages. The lyrical support provided acts as the backbone of the story and serves as the embellishments. It provides additional beauty, charm and effect to the emotions that the characters feel and make the readers feel it as they turn every single page. As said, a romance is always incomplete without melody and a lover is not a true lover if he does not transforms into a poet.

My recommendation, definitely an attempt calling a high-five. Yes, it is. I would rate this as a four star story because of the treatment provided to the characters, their emotions and maintaining balance between a love relationship and a father-son relationship at one time. I deduct one-star for the story being a ‘little’ predictable but the authors have been successful in maintaining exclusivity of the flow of the story and how it approaches an eye-opener climax.

A recommended read to youngsters having a heart, a life and a promise to be held. Read it to understand and decipher what your life promises to you. Life is calling…are you listening?