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‘Shaadi ka ladoo aisa jo khaye pachtaaye jo na khaye pachtaaye’ (Marriage is a necessary evil act :)) Life becomes hard if don’t handle it properly and this applies to all irrespective of the marital status one holds.

Spicy bites of Biryani, is a creation of Ms. Ashwina Garg which has been well received by the reading community. I feel happy that I was not too behind and was fast enough to catch up with them all. This story is about marriage and married life. Life as confusing as this statement is and it becomes yet more confusing after marriage. To be or not to be…married, remains the question.

The story set in Hyderabad is about four friends or lemme put it in other words, is about two couples – Jayshree and Mayank and Aditi and Sanjay. The author has intelligently portrayed the two couples as contrasting viewpoints about marriage. On one side is (happily) married duo of Jayshree and Mayank, who have come back to India from US and struggling to catch hold on Indian soil and Indian family drama (for producing a child), while on the other hand, is a to-be-formed duo of Aditi and Sanjay. They both are unmarried but Sanjay is here in India to get married and Aditi is one running away from marriages despite of her increasing age (read it as another family drama).

Sanjay boos Jayshree and Mayank way back in US and he was introduced to Aditi (Jayshree’s friend) at a get-together. The story develops as how these two diametrically opposite characters and (at the same time) strong characters touch chords with each other and cook up something.

I personally liked the concept of comparing the life / marriage with Biryani such as how something cooks between the two lead
characters of the story. The two stories running parallel to each other in their own distinct ways were useful in painting a holistic view of every situation. Ashwina has done proper justice in characterising the roles and maintaining balance in different personalities, just in a similar way as we balance proper proportions of ingredients and spices in Biryani receipe. If we fail to maintain this balance then biryani might be tasteless similarly if we do not maintain balance in our emotions and actions then we might make our life tasteless, as well.

A little masala adds to the This is one of the finest, beautifully crafted and close to reality story that I have read so far as a reviewer. Its simple structure was more than enough to give it a refreshing feel. Kudos to her for her efforts.

I liked Sanjay the best because of his straight, clear and transparent nature. Although he gets confused at times but he is true at his heart – what more could a girl wish for in a prospective groom? He is like a potato, he gels in every situation like potato mixes in every vegetable on this earth.

Aditi – the tikhi mirchi, was one more strong character, with whom many of the readers might connect to but (with all due respect to the author and her efforts) I couldn’t relate her deeds with the character portrayed by the author. No doubt, she added spice to Sanjay’s life.

A highly recommended read – married, to-be married and love-birds all are welcome.