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Title: Love @ Air Force

Author: Gaurav Sharma

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

ISBN: 978-16-3041-628-7

Pages: 290

Price: Rs. 150/-

Love @ Air Force Book Excerpt

Book Introduction:

The violent romance of the Fighter planes with the clouds in sky…The pulchritudinous Officers walking around arrogantly…The runway…The logo constituted by the concentric trilcolored circles in the background…Is the spectacle that meets our eyes at the feeble mention of the Air Force but there is more about the Air Force besides these…

An unhappy Sergeant – Sushil Awasthi feels that his circumstances dumped him into doing drudgery in the Air Force and he deserved better out of life. Grumbling often, he accuses his wife, his parents and even Air Force for his agonies. When he finds that, the newly arrived medical officer, Wing Commander Shabd Mishra is his best friend of school days, his inferiority complex plunges further down.

The Wing Commander is still hankering after his school day’s crush – Soumya despite knowing of her being married to another Air Force Officer, who too, gets posting at the same station.

How do things shape up when the three classmates get together?

What fate does the love story of the lovelorn Wing Commander meet?

How do others around, the officers and the non-officers, react to the friendship between a Sergeant and a Wing Commander?

Welcome to Air Force Station Agra to know how the Air Force reins the lives of its employees.

My Review:

Love @ Air Force is a promising first attempt by the debutant Gaurav Sharma. A son to a former Air Force personnel and a mathematician at present, Gaurav Sharma is an author with a potential and an acumen calling for a big applause.

A heart is more complex than Sukoi realise the serving personnel. This review is going to be somewhat different from the others because of the striking features (ignoring a few typos, which can very easily creep in and similarly can be ignored easily) discussed distinctively in the following paragraphs.

Starting with the author’s credentials on the subject, Gaurav Sharma is former Air Force personnel and hence puts forth his own experiences while describing the scenes and decorum followed while serving the respected services. He has done this with so much ease that at no point of time you will feel like you are reading a book rather you will experience as if you are all ears to a narrative from a friend.

Next, the theme is romance fiction. Romance, as many of us think is a safe bet, becomes a folly if not attended properly. The author has attended it with due respect, elegance and maturity and not limiting to this, he has done it smartly and in an intelligent manner. No single word or line creates rosy pictures of intimate scenes or adolescent age fantasies or overflowing emotional sagas (as the books from similar genres do) rather every relation and emotion is dealt in an equated manner (just like a balanced equation) – here his stint as a Mathematics teacher has come forward (Wink). During the course, he has beautifully created a discrete niche for friendship in love life.

Moving further to the plot, the story is set in Air Force Station, Agra. The narrator – Sushil is introduced as a pissed off JWO (a non-commissioned designation) cursing his monotonous daily routine and coming in terms with his merge salary every month. He blames his father for his shortcomings for he resigned earlier forcing him to discontinue studies and pursuing an earning member persona. He finds no attraction in her wife other than satisfying his masculine desires (though he cannot be termed a nymphomaniac).

The story progresses, as the charmer of the story – Shabd makes an entry. He was Sushil’s school friend and today is a Medical Officer and a Wing Commander by designation (a commissioned designation). This difference in their designation makes Sushil feels yet more uncomfortable but things fall in place with Shabd’s sweet and nice nature irrespective of his senior designation. With this friend’s reunion, we sail through the journey of our past school days, which is incomplete without a mention of first love.

Yes, there is a tinge of love as the author introduces us with Soumya – Shabd’s first love. She is married now but he couldn’t keep her out of his thoughts till date. After all, as the author states – Heart is even complex than the most sophisticated aircraft, stands valid. The two stories run parallel (just like binomial equations with two variables) with Shabd’s quest for his love on one side and self-realization of Sushil as he becomes an intricate part of his friend’s journey to find true love.

The author maintains a soft and smooth flow of the story across the pages with well-crafted and easily relatable characters using easy to understand language. By the end, he will leave you with your own memories (of school, love, family, responsibilities and friendship) but refreshed and motivated. This time the difference is that you will have an emotional male perspective and not that from a sentimental female.

A highly recommended read for everyone who have fallen in love but failed to express, got married and realized that has become customary to satisfy bodily needs, who couldn’t feel satisfied with their existing societal (or professional) stature, who identified love lately, believe in school life love or first love and above all who respects and commemorates FRIENDHIP.

The author has no-doubt made successful attempts to pass on important messages within the lines. A few those come aloud and clear include – low rankers are themselves responsible for the disparity (between commissioned and non-commissioned officers) because they themselves consider their officers as god, which it never called for in services. It only teaches to respect and not to compromise at the cost of self-respect. Another one being, you cannot do a bit to change the way people think. It is up to us how we take on them. Yet other states that a flying pilot and ground staff both are part of the show.
Others include educating sessions are from his encounter with a paanwala and his fellowmen particularly, when Sushil is promoted and discounted but not duly credited. He has beautifully penned the emotions and expectations of a married couple from marriage. Much more lay hidden for you to explore.

The SMSs, letters and the poems are put to justified and apt usage, serving as a perfect icing on the cake.

To summarize, I will quote – ‘It is not a book or merely a story…this is an experience…experience it…live it’. Enjoy it!