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Title: A Girl from Fatehpur

Author: Sarita Varma

ISBN: 9781927826188

Pages: 119

Book Excerpt 

My Review:

An office romance versus childhood crush would be the best byline for the novella – A Girl from Fatehpur by Sarita Varma.

A lot is to be praised today staring from an attractive and appealing book cover withgirl from fatehpur bright contrasting color scheme and images chosen to perfect treatment of characters and story line to beautiful description of story and emotions to strong hand on writing skills to introduction to Indian culture and events to a well-planned love triangle. I could add more to the list but will stop here so that it does not loose the realistic experience.

The story is a narrative about Sanjana – a girl from Fatehpur who at present is residing in Mumbai. She works in an organization where her senior – Krish has proposed her, landing her into surprise. On receiving proposal from Krish, she lands into a dilemma, if she actually loves him or not. Persuaded by a little pushy behavior of Krish, she decides to take a break by going away from him to attend her cousin’s marriage, back in her hometown. Thanks to her true friend Zoya, who suggested her with this idea and she agreed thinking it to be the best option to maintain distance from Krish.

As she is headed to her long journey from Mumbai to Fatehpur, she reconciles her memories about her first crush – Rajan, who was her next-door neighbor to ancestral house located in Fatehpur. Was he actually a teenage crush or she still loved her? She had no answers. Will she be able to meet him again ever in life? Does he still continue to reside their only? Again, there were so many questions poking her mind and heart and  she thought to take shelter of her cousin – Devika to save herself.

The story takes an interesting turn as she lands up to find that her cousin was not at home and she was left with no other option but to spent night at Devika’s neighbor’s place. That night, she got a ride from their guest who visited them for dinner. Who was he? Why did Sanjana agree to travel with him and that too during night hours? Was she being stupefied for her belongings of small town as Fatehpur?

Will she able to attend her cousin’s marriage at all? What lays for her hidden in coming days?

The pages need to be turned for finding answers because the novella is worth a read. You should read it to find out how a girl from a small town and struggling in a metro singly, responds to her destiny. The author has commendable job as she describes a love  triangle story in the backdrop of desi Indian wedding. The scenes are described beautifully including marriage preparations and Kumbh Mela excursions.

Writing such an elaborate script in these limiting pages calls for a special mention and Sarita has done a commendable job. A MUST read. It is simple yet enjoyable.

Book Introduction

When Sanjana’s colleague, Krish, proposes, she escapes to Fatehpur for a family wedding and some time to think. But there, she comes face-to-face with Rajan, whom she’s had a crush on for so long…

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