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Dear Readers, 

Today, the spotlight is on a young man, Kundan Vidyarthy. He is a poet, a blogger , a story writer and a novel writer – a multi-faceted personality at a young age. Let’s know more about him with the spotlight’s customary questions.Kundan Vidyarthy

BNI: Tell us something about yourself and your background.
KV: I come from a very small village in Madhubani district of Bihar. I did my schooling there and then moved to Kolkata for my Graduation. After the successful completion of my degree, I got a job opportunity in Wipro but for some or the other reasons I couldn’t join. During that one month of free time I found something interesting in me and that was writing. So, I took the pen and started penning down my thoughts in the form of poems, stories and then novels.

BNI: So, what all you have written / published till date?
KV: Almost 150 poems in Hindi and English. Few short stories and three complete The Angel Love and my broken promisesnovels. I am working on my fourth one now which is the story of a teenage girl who did many mistakes. I do maintain few blogs too.

BNI: What inspired you to write your first book and or this book?
KV: I always wanted to write a book. I started many but couldn’t complete because of the undeveloped story plot. But then one day I thought why not to write about my future love story. A love story which never happened. And I completed my first book which revolves around a virtual me. Though my first book is still in my documents folder of my computer.

‘The Angel Love And My Broken Promises’ is my third book which I wrote.

BNI: A 30 word tagline for the book.
KV: Will destiny let them be together forever?

BNI: How did you come up with the title?
KV: Initially I had thought for a different title but when I completed the book, the title didn’t seem perfect. I discussed it with a friend of mine chose few titles but not any seemed perfect. And then I thought about the characters of the book. Nidhi loved unconditionally and Jay broke promises. Nidhi was like an angel for Jay so finally I got the title.

BNI: Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
KV: This is a love story so my audience is those people who love and who believes in this word called love.

This is a very sweet love story of two people with which people can relate to. The true love on Nidhi and few twists will keep the reader going till end of the book.

BNI: Who is your favorite and least favorite character? What makes them so?
KV: Well, though every character is my favorite but if asked, I would pick Nidhi as my first choice because she is too sweet and yes, she is like an angel who loves unconditionally. Least favorite character is always in the background playing its own part. The villain of the story and that is DESTINY.

BNI: Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?
KV: The main characters of the book Nidhi and Jay both are lovable. You would love Nidhi more for her sweetness and her honest loving heart. Jay is a little confused in life that what he want and what he doesn’t. But once he gets into a relationship with Nidhi, every confusion gets clear and you would love him after that.

BNI: What was the hardest and easiest thing about your latest release? KV: Wring has never been hard for me. And for this book too, writing was the easiest part. What is hardest is to getting a publisher and reaching readers.

BNI: Share some interesting story about the book writing/cover development.
KV: Though there is nothing much interesting story but I would definitely like to share one. Actually I finished writing this book in January 2013. I was trying to find a publisher for my other two books but when not any of them worked, I thought to try with this one in around august. But before sending it to the publishers, I re wrote it and while rewriting the whole story changed, and changed for good. I finally got a publisher for my third book.

BNI: Is there a message in your book/novel that you want readers to grasp?
KV: Well, I never wrote this book for a message but still if someone can see, there is a hidden messages every where. In this book one can find a message of love, true love.

BNI: Do you meet your readers at book signings, conventions or similar events? Any plans in relation to this book?
KV: Its just the start and I haven’t met them yet but I would love to meet my readers.

BNI: Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
KV: I do receive texts from the people who read my poems, which I post occasionally. For this book, I am waiting to hear from them.

BNI: When and how did you decide to become a writer? Do you write full time or part time?
KV: Ans. It was in the start of 2011 when I started taking interest in writing. I wrote poems and short stories. It gave me immense pleasure after writing each piece. I started enjoying it. and then in the mid of 2011, I was no more confused about my goal in life.

Its not a specific time when I write. One thought anywhere any time and I pen them down. So, I write full time.

BNI: Which writers inspire you?
KV: First of all, my father inspires me to write. He used to write politics though but whenever I see him and his works, I get more determined to be successful as a writer. I have read Chetan Bhagat so he is another inspiration. Vishnu Saxena is another person I admire as a poet.

BNI: What draws you to this genre?
KV: My heart. Actually I strongly believe in love and this is the reason I prefer this genre.

BNI: According to you, what is the hardest thing about writing?
KV: Getting the right plot. After you have the plot in the mind, its easy to write. Yes, sometimes you do take time to decide the next sequence.

BNI: What are your ambitions for your writing career?
KV: I want to be loved as a writer. I want to write scripts for movies and television some day.

BNI: What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment to you, as an author?
KV: Still waiting!

BNI: What are your thoughts on book series? Would you like to have one for your latest book?
KV: Book series is always a good idea. I would love to write the sequel to this book.

BNI: Any advice for writers budding or established?
KV: Well, as a budding writer myself, I can only say that keep writing if you enjoy it. Never give up.

BNI: Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
KV: This part was very difficult. It took me almost two years to get a publisher who published my book. You can imagine how difficult it was for me. Whenever I sent a proposal to any publisher, I got nothing but rejection. It was difficult. Every rejection mail tried to break me down but then I was strong enough to not give up. I kept writing and approaching publishers with my work. And this is the reason I am now a published Author.

BNI: What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
KV: The whole book is my favorite. I enjoyed writing each and every word of this book.

BNI: What do you think about – What does your protagonist think about you?
KV: He thinks that I know everything about him and it’s true!

BNI: How about a snippet from your book that is meant to intrigue and tantalize us?

Only these few words were echoing in my ears. I wished my ears went deaf before hearing this. I wished God to take my life and bring back Jay alive. I wished to die right there and meet Jay where ever he is. I wished to get him back. My dad and mini were trying to get me back to sense but I didn’t want to get back to this world. I didn’t want to see this world again. I just wanted to die.


But, it didn’t happen. Few drops of water on my face forced me to get back into the same world where I was alone. The world which mattered no more to me. The world which took everything away from me. I don’t know from where the energy came and I stood on my own legs. I looked at Dad and Mini beside me. I didn’t care about them and walked out side the hospital. I didn’t care to look back at them and see if they were following me. I just kept walking with full energy. You can say that I was almost running on the streets of the city. I didn’t know where I was heading but I just wanted to go away from every one. I just wanted to run away from everything. I just wanted to run away from everything which reminded me of Jay. The streets, the roads, the buildings, even the sky and the earth everything was reminding me of him. I just wanted to get away from them.

Everything happened because of me. I could have stopped this. I could have saved Jay from meeting with an accident. It was my fault. I must have stopped him for few more minutes and shouldn’t have let him get into that cab. I should have got them to my home and this way I could have saved them. I went selfish at that moment. He was asking me to take him to my home. But I refused it and I killed him. I was afraid of getting him home as I was afraid of getting scolded by my parents. I killed him. I killed both of them. I am responsible for killing my love. I killed a son and killed a daughter too. I took a brother from her sister. I wish I could have stopped them and saved them, no matter I had to pay my life for this. I wish they are alive and I am dead. Please God! Do me one last favor. Get them back and take me away.

These all kind of thoughts started pouring in and guilt in my heart was forcing me to kill myself. I wished the same truck to run over me and kill me on the spot.

I don’t know how far I had run when I collapsed again and hit the hard surface. I felt something wet on my head. It was blood I guess. This was a better feeling. I deserved it. I didn’t move from there. This way every drop of blood will flow out of my body and I will die. I exclaimed inside and closed my eyes. I will meet Jay now, I smiled for that.

But it didn’t happen. I didn’t die. I didn’t die. The cruel world saved me again. Then why didn’t they save my love? And if they couldn’t save my love, then why in the world they saved me? They must have let me die. Don’t they get that I want to be with my love only? Are they too dumb or too cruel?

BNI: What are your expectations for the book?
KV: I expect that it will reach loving hearts and yes, it will establish me as a writer is my other expectation.

BNI: Do you think book cover an important role in sales?
Somewhere yes, I agree that it plays a role in sales of a book but it can only attract eyes not hearts.

BNI: According to you, what is the top most advantage / disadvantage of self publishing?
KV: Well. First time authors struggle to find a traditional publisher and then self publishing is a good idea. In self publishing the author have the control over creative part of the book. But most of the time self publishing doesn’t help an author to reach masses because of lack of distribution network.

BNI: Ebook, pdf, mobi, kindle or printed hardcover book, what’s your pick?
No doubt it is printed paperback version. To hold a physical book and read it gives the feel which other format can never offer.