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Mira Prabhu’s fascination with eastern philosophy inspired her to begin writing Whip of the Wild God in the Manhattan winter of 1993; the novel shape-shifted into its current form twenty years later, in the shadow of the sacred hill Arunachala. Since leaving New York at the eve of the millennium, Mira has traversed the globe, spending years in Dharamsala in the foothills of the Himalayas, in Rishikesh on the banks of the River Ganga, and travelling back and forth to America and Europe. She now lives in the deep south of India where she focuses on spiritual and creative work.

Book Introduction: Whip of the Wild God: A Novel of Tantra in Ancient India

Whip of the Wild God catapults you on a wild ride into 1839 BCE India….a spirited Whip of the godgirl plucked out of rural poverty to be groomed by tantric monks, Ishvari is elected spiritual consort to Takshak, powerful monarch of Melukhha. Hurled into the abyss of addiction, Ishvari violates ancient codes of honor, infuriating the Wild God (Rudra-Shiva) and provoking Takshak’s sadistic revenge. As she flees Melukhha, now a notorious fugitive with a gold price on her head, the fire teachings she has intellectually grasped finally blaze into roaring life….this is a magnificent metaphysical saga you will find impossible to put down!

Whip of the Wild God was reviewed by UK’s Prediction Magazine and won its July Book of the Month Award.

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