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Nidhi NityaISBN: 978-9384-028-22-0

Price: Rs. 125/-

Publisher: Omji Publishing House

Book Introduction

She strongly refuses to do things which she hates. She is a woman whom every lover wants to see in his beloved and a husband wants to see in his wife, she is a modern woman in today’s world. She possesses characters of a woman that every woman wants to follow. She has dedicated her life for love and had lived it completely. She had fought bravely against evil and orthodox customs in the society. Her fight took a Woman @ 36turn when she stood against women, for betterment of other women. She reproached to blame male-dominant society for everything but lived her life with fresh and innovative thoughts. She accepted her lover wholeheartedly and made him a part of her life in a very peculiar way. She enjoys her life notoriously but also stands strong and fights as ‘Jhaansi ki Raani’ and had lived deep in the ocean of love as ‘Heer’ for ‘Ranjha’. She was the woman who spreads happiness in everyone’s life and had showed a new lifestyle for women.

She said:

Main to wo jo hasi ban kar

Tere Hoton pe bikhar jati hu

Muhje ashq ban kar

Aakhon se girna nahi ata”