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Sagar Kataria, author of novel Love Happens…Come What May, introduces his novel to readers. The following paragraphs elaborate.

Gentle feeling of the heart makes Joyvir and Sunaina discover their tender love, though for a few time only, as time separates them. Both, never come to know that it would be Love Happensmere words which have the prowess to make two people meet.

Journeys seldom become a riddle as and when they approach with a surprise element. They both know each other since long and one fine day thay admit love. The moments of ecstasy reminisces their minds as the blissful sojurn leaves an imprint on their present.

Joyvir’s tryst with this present makes him explore new avenues in professional as well as personal life. Some new friendships too emerge.

Love happens…..come what may has ingredients of all sacred emotions which binds each one with destiny and faith.

ISBN: 978-9350-880-96-8 | Price: Rs. 140