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An Immortal Story by Satyendra Dhariwal is a sweet romantic and inspirational novels that ignites a ray of hope for the writers out there who dream big and wish to become a published author some day.

Yes, an account from an author, through an author for authors in this vast and An Immortal Storyvaried world of publishing. No, it is not some technical preaching or a summary of

an individual’s personal life rather this is a transformation from a unpolished human being to a polished (read it as published) author.

The title is very apt to the plot and the story.

The story is about the protagonist – Vinayak, who is struggling hard in his life, be it family life or married life or professional life.He is to pay cost for every smile and cost for every single tear that drops from his eyes. No, this is not boring at all where the hero sobs day and night. The author has very smartly used the plot of an aspiring author becoming a published one and later in life, how he is destined to be an inspiration for other aspiring authors.

At an individual level, the author has tried to do justice with the character by presenting with the emotional and mental feelings of Vinayak in every situation. During the course, I felt that a few facts have been mentioned repeatedly which could have been avoided.

With due respect to the author, I consider this as an act for providing the story with a realistic feel. Just like how we remind ourselves with a few facts time and again.

Vinayak – as the character demands is a philosophical person and hence reiterates his logics time and again.

The characters has been potrayed very strongly as they are contrasting in nature. Where there is Vinayak, who is a simple guy, his love – Sneha, seems to be a complex creature, who keeps confusing her love and readers as well. At times, I hated Sneha for her rude behaviour but my anger subsided as learnt more about his feelings about her.

I like how the author has discussed the trivial matters that are discussed between prospective bride and groom and how they creep into the newlywed’s lives.

There are 2 things that seem to be make the beautiful script weak. These are,first – repetitions of thoughts and second – the story ends abruptly leaving the starting point lurking behind. It would have been more comprehensive if the space used for repeating the logics could have used to provide the story with a logical and constructive ending.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stops the book from being called a recommended read, especially aspiring authors, writers and men who are soft at heart and have ‘big’ dreams.

I congratulate the author – Satyendra, for picking up an interesting plot for his debut novel. His writing style is fluidic which never lets you to get bore and keeps the reader binded strong to the book.

About the Book

“You might have read many stories, you might have seen many colors of life. But here you will see all colors of life in one story.”

Do you have a permanent dream? I know the answer of the majority will be yes. Vinayak (the lead character) had one too. But what if your dream will scatter like a pack of cards and it becomes certain that you can never achieve your goal.

What if you lose someone dear, your studies left in between, unwillingly get married at an early age, have to bear most of the responsibilities and internal strife of your joint family (that too at an early age), hated by your wife and in-laws, lose your health and natural-you and finally find yourself doing an unwanted 3rd grade clerical job.

Is it possible to see another dream now (while pain for the first one still lingers), is it possible to focus when you are struggling for almost everything? The answer is yes. This is a story of a boy who lost precious years of his early twenties just to find out what could be his second dream since from childhood he wanted to do something ‘big’. He had to fight almost everything to achieve his dream. An Immortal Story is the story of struggle with own, struggle for love, struggle with life, with society and for career. This is the story of tolerance beyond limit. If you are down in any field of life, this story will hold your hand, let you up and give the courage to follow your positive side of heart. Welcome to ‘An Immortal Story’ – a life-giving tale.