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Idli, Orchid and Will Power is not a book, it is a tell tale of Dr. Vithal Kamat, a successful human being. Yes, I will introduce him to you as a successful being Idli, Orchid and WillPowerbecause of two primary reasons – first, you can and will get to know a lot more about him and his life through the book and the resources scattered over internet (including Wikipedia as well) and second, because space might fall short for praising him.

I do not score myself as a person, who could comment anything about Kamat sir or his ability of expression (story telling) but yes, as a younger person and an avid reader, I am all your fan – Dear Sir. This review of mine, will not be a review in true sense rather I will present it as my experience only.

The book is an English translation done by Mr. Sanjit Narwekar. He has done a fine job. Why? This is because while translations sometimes the impact of the incidents fades away but he has managed to maintain the momentum in full swing. So, I could not miss mentioning him here.

This is a compilation of Kamat sir’s journey from son of a restaurant owner to successful entrepreneur, one who is not just entrepreneur but a socially responsible entrepreneur. Starting from the lessons learnt from his father during childhood days to the latest accolades that he continues to earn, he has always worked not to earn but to serve the human kind and to preserve the nature.

He starts the narrative from his childhood days (when he used to eat IDLI’s made by his mother), his father’s control and discipline, his mother’s home management skills, his siblings caring and fights and proceeds towards sharing respect with his wife and his cautious nature towards his children. Though, you might think, what so extraordinary about this ordinary storyline? It is there – it is Kamat sir’s presence.

Every single incident is a short story within itself illuminating lives of the readers. While reading you will never feel that you are reading some printed pages but you will feel as if an elder member of the family is deciphering his journey these past years. The Hardships discussed do not merely provide you with shortcut solutions or summary of the events rather they make your thinking strong. The development and branding of ORCHID hotel is his life-turning experience.

His father, the epitome of his life plays a crucial role in his life. He is the source his WILLPOWER. I felt as if he was my own father. How he used to persuade children to do something in life, much like mine. 🙂 As I turned the last pages, I was reduced to tears (I couldn’t help myself). I am myself married to a restaurant chain owner and very well understand the problems  (including financial ones as well) that he faced during his journey and hence extra respect for him.

A highly recommended read.

Must read for son’s who love their father and family, budding entrepreneurs, practicing entrepreneurs, case studies writers and everyone who reads. definitely a DO NOT MISS publication.

I feel pride in sharing that this is my second favourite book that I read after becoming a book reviewer.