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What do you expect from a guy who has been betrayed by love in his life numerous times? Yes, you read it right – numerous times.

I would rather be his than hers by Amit Kumar Singh is about a boy, Aman who metamorphoses from the childhood phase to adulthood phase in life but fails on the front of love life, fails to live ipto his parents expectations and fails to balance his marital life.

This is author’s first attempt that is to be praised for weaving social issues such as rejections in love, falling short of family expectations, sexual child abuse and homosexuality into a well crafted story. At places the script seems to be a stretchy which could have been cut short easily.

I particularly liked how the author towards the ends of the chapters delves into discussion with the other two men and tries to define and understand the meaning of true love.

At places, the story seems as if it is being stretched forcefullly, it could have been shortened but I understand sometimes it becomes necessary for imparting a realistic effect to the story. In addition to this, same applies to the lovemaking scenes as well. Despite of these two minor points the author has been successful in passing the pain of heartbroken lover to the readers hearts and minds. You can easily sense the pain, the trauma of how it feels when your love chooses someone else over you, you can easily feel how it feels to be dejected repeatedly and how the fight of survival becomes a story of jealousy.

Nevertheless, the qiestion remains – is this love? What is love? How to identify love? How to reciprocate love? And the biggest if all – How to define love?

You should read this story if you believe in love and if you wish to understand the true meaning of love. The mystery whether Aman gets his love in his life remains covered under the veils and its you who should uncover it to discover yourself.

A recommended read. A book you that you will never ever regret to purchase.

About the Book

Life has a myriad of essences of varied experiences which a romantic bollywood movie can express on celluloid in two hour and much more than can be covered in a two hundred odd page romantic novel.

At different stages of life we encounter varying shades of love. At different ages the fundamental demands of love have different thirst to be quenched. Love keeps on redefining itself at different ages till we come across that particular person who shows us the real magic of love.

This story is journey of Aman in pursuit of love.

As a school boy, love born in his eyes. Eyes betray him…

He felt in his heart when he started college. Even his heart betrays him…

Love was descending down his body each time, he failed and at last it descends down to the extent where he needs to unzip to show his love.

Will ever Aman’s quest of love comes to an end? How his love does find its way towards him?

Love is not an exam to get through or a race to be won. That person deserted you because the prayer of your love that is waiting for you is a million times stronger. Believe in those prayers. The prayers may light your path towards the love in real sense…

Let us walk in Aman’s shoes and experience the crests and troughs in the graph of his turbulent life.