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Aisle be Damned is an interestingly seductive read wherein you are accompanied by glamorous air trvel itenaries.

Be it cover or the contents or the author himself, all the ingredients make it a perfect Aisle be damnedpick up book especially for air travellers. Myself, being a frequent flyer (though for personal purpose only) could very very easily connect to each and every section of the hilarious ride with Rishi Piparaiya.

Starting with the book cover, a perfect example of how an attractive book cover can add to the book sales. Though, instead of book designer the priviledge goes to the esteemed photographer this time with special mention of the model being clicked. Her neatly tied hair style, her dressing sense and her poise, who won’t speak out atleast for once – aisle by damned. Trust me, let it be and yours is going to be an enjoyable ride.

The title in itself is very intrguing yet naughty at the same time. And to add to this, the stark read color of the model’s dress is just like icing on the cake and to be precisely literal in words – a perfect eye candy in all sense. The subtitle adds on to the fire with catchy selection if rhyming words that easily gel with the theme of the book.

Let us continue our journey with the contents. Coincidentally (I guess), the total number of chapters or say sections is – 13. An (un)-auspicious number for many, not logically but numerically only.

The author starts with an essential packing list, somewhat similar to one that we all prepare before travelling. The roller coaster begins here itself when you will be amused to find crazy things, which author suggests you to carry along with you.

It further becomes a pacy read as he treads along with you as soon as you start searching a baggage trolley for you. Those, who have visited aerodrome atleast once could smoothly visualize what they themselves might have experienced at that time. Those, who are still waiting for their stars to shine can visualize it as a fictious novel and you won’t regret. Mark my words, I say.

Moving further, he reconstructs the scenarios with his funny bones and wit and humour. He directs you about an optimal boarding strategy (such as early or late), choosing between aisle anf window seats (here, he shows his strong observational skills), safety tips to takeoff, inflight and landing techniques.

He never misses to discuss crucial elements – captain, air hostess and co-passengers as well. Moving further, he describes how you can easily upgrade from economy to business class, how to choose your seat to ensure safety, how to place meal order etc.

My personal favorites were, first the water bottle experiments and real-life incidents that were actually jaw-dropping at some instances.

There is no single line that would stop you from smiling (not laughing). Afterall, who minds reading a light hearted read that relaxes our grey cells.

Definitely, a recommended read.

I would be glad if someday, I spot this book within a flight. A huge applause for the author for bringing the essential tips to our consideration. Who knows, next flight experience would have been a divergent one.

About the book

A hilarious take on just about everything associated with Air Travel

– Getting seamlessly upgraded to BUsiness Class

– The hows and whys of micromanaging the pilots

– Action plans to counter the airline’s ‘Technical Snag’ routine

– Sure shot strategies for winning the affections of flight attendants

– Awesome icebreakers to start conversations with attractive co-passengers

– How smart executives deal with the ‘Walk of Shame’ to the economy section

– How a water bottle dramatically improves flight safety

– Breezing through immigration and customs, always making your flight connections and a whole lot more…

Rest assured, your flying experience will never be the same again!