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Tere…hi liye, is a collection of  26 short stories; actually short love stories authored by various seasoned and budding authors from different states across India.

The book is an easy and relaxing read that can be picked up while travelling or just chilling over tea or coffee sessions.

The cover page is too simple to be termed as bland for a colorful collection of storiesTere hi liye touching and traversing through every single emotion of love and romance. Be it finding a new found love or loosing your love, be it school romance or a mature one, be it selfless unconditional to someone demanding a mere look. You name an emotion and you have a story guiding you in this book.

Here is my story-wise review:

1. On …her lips by Laxmikant Shukl

This story is bejewelled to be a sequel to 5 Shades of love. It is about Lakshay, a famous author (author’s pen name) who heads to Jaipur on being called upon by her mother for a matrimonial meeting.

His mind is still entangled in the memories of his lady love – Megha but he still sets onto this journey. Will he be able to forget Megha? Will he be able to place Ada – the prospective bride in his heart and mind?

The author’s writing needs no introduction (at least from me 🙂 ). It is simply flawless and full of beautiful emotions of a budding romance…of an incomplete love story. He has shown his craftsmanship useing his poetic beads to beautify the story.

Authors are generally said to be slaves of wordly emotions. Will it be true for his case as well?

2. The day he changed forever by Nehali Lalwani

A narrative from the authors which is a thanksgiving gesture to struggling parents. It is a story based on parents who invest their whole life and sabings to nurture their most prized possession – their son. Sadly, his parents have no worth in his eyes but when he realizes, it becomes too late and he is left with nothing but guilt.

The author’s writing skills aid you to understand the pain…the agony, which parents feel when secluded.

3. Follow the stars home by Rafaa Dalvi

Raffa is an automobile engineeer academically and an amazing author. I realized this deadly combination of her once I completed reading her script. Nowhere you could make out how an engineer tugging between horns and tyres uses her writing skills to steer through the sea of relationships with waves of high crusts and troughs of emotions.

Her story is about a carefree couple – Shruti and Raj. She has termed them as f**k buddies. It is about how a little angel dives in guided by stars but without their willingness finds space between the two.

Now, the tryst is whether their carefree attitude lets them to stay together any further or they surprisingly step out to their homes?

You should read the story to learn what happens to poor child who is not-yet born?

4. Sometimes it’s too late by Anand Gupta

Anand is a young author who is a commerce graduate as well. Like him like his story – a young voice…a young treatment to writer’s favorite theme – expressing love to your beloved.

He penned the story of a young lad – Akshay who falls for her classmate, Srishti. As soon as he realizes his feelings and rushes to express his love…he realizes…it is already too late.

Despite of his young age, he has been successful in penning down how an ambitious young man looks upto his life and future.

5. Pahla nasha pahla khumar by Ambar Saxena

Ambar reinvents the fresh aroma of romance just like the famous bollywood flick that features the song similar to the title of his story.

An interesting love story of Abhinav and Shweta, based on the backdrop of social networking website, Facebook. Read this story to fall in love once again…read it to enjoy standing in front of mirror obce again…read it to live the joy of pehla nasha.

6. The Journey of love by Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav, medical student brings the journey of love of two commuters travelling through train on New Year eve.

He has carefully stitiched the two souls with thread of love anf ointment of togetherness.

A sweet story.

7. Need you back by Ayushi

Virat and Lavya, the childhood friends fall in love after Lavya got ditched by her boyfriend. Nevertheless, love knocks her doors once again after she gets married.

Who will she choose – Virat or her Mr.exlover? Do you think, she will dare to walk out of her marriage?

The author attempts to pass on a serious message that if we love somebody then we should accept our partners against all odds.

8. The promise of love by Shiv Pratap Mani Tiwari

This is a heartbreaking journey from the floods of Uttrakhand written by an aspiring scriptwriter.

Amit finally confesses that he loves Kavya. He now wishes to search her after years of separation and finally locates her in Uttrakhand.

Nature was not kind to him as with other hushy mushy love stories. Before he could say anything the nature started paying back to humankind for all ill deeds and this couple also suffered.

The author takes you along to fulfill the promise that Amit had made and during the course introduces you to the so-called, beauty of death.

This is indeed a soulful romance, out-of-the-world, where…love awaits.

9. Ashiqui by Ankit Tiwari Pareek

A story contributed by a multi-talented individual, who is a responsible person by nature. Such is his truthful nature that his persona reflects in the selection of story and plot of his contribution.

His contri is all about feeling responsible in love and taking (or say shouldering) responsibilities of your love, irrespective of prevailing conditions.

I will not reveal much, for this story is worth a read. All I can say is, it has a unique storyline, is very painful but deciphers harsh realities of our rotten and corrupt-minded society. A reality hidden behind the bars by brutal officials standing on the other side.

A must-read from the collection.

10. The Final Tears by Sanjiwan Pradhan

This is not merely a story or contribution for a writing competition. It is tribute to all mothers out there.

My most favorite, closest to my heart and my life that made me land into state of shock for two days.

I am left SPEECHLESS and Soaked in TEARS. Nothing much for me describe or discuss. You need to read and experience by yourself.

Best of the best of the whole lot.

11. The three words which I could not say by Bishwash Ghalay

A story about a lover who couldn’t do much to open his heart out to his beloved.

A sweet story but I felt a little bit incomplete. With due respect given to author, it was difficult for me to buy, how to strangers can feel comfort in sharing the information about personal life and that too after, just exchanging a glance!

Nevertheless, a nice treatment given to feelings and incidents in taking care of a friend and to-be love.

12. Bararrenness by Indrajit Rai

Indrajit dares to bring forth the bitter truths still prevailing in the society. One is problems faced by problematic parents and second is being a ‘Girl’.

Though stats from different sources and officials from different deptts. And strata do claim that they are curbing the menance but that’s not the complete truth. He shares the bitterness of being a girl child. He has given words to the ill feelings of bearing a girl child.

In addition to this, he has taken a balanced approach by taking it further in a positive direction, thus making it worthy of reading.

13. A night of love by Shrutee Parekh

A mature story discussing the marital bliss. A story about separating couple. It recounts what all it takes to comply with 7 promises done during 7 pheras ( a ritual performed during Hindu marriages).

The story propagates an important message – ‘Life is very short; never lose the person in your ego’.

14. A smile has million meanings by Abhinand S. Jagua

How long will you wait for your love to speak up? Will you wait endlessly or try and make an effort to know the reasin behind the adopted silence?

Abhinand guides you with his impeccable writing skills. He tores apart the unseen boundaries and makes the way for love to enter into your hearts.

15. Madly love by Neha Gupta

A close to reality story that seeks your attention.

I will simply reiterate a few lines from the author herself – “Some relations are beyond words, without names. They are more than frienda but less than lovers. They are not meant to be together but also NOT meant to be apart”.

16. 19th July by Aarzoo Sharma

Have ever been on a date?

If yes, this comes especially for you.

If no, you should not miss it at all.

Yes, a few dates are really cursed. A different and nice concept to reach out to love and that too well in time.

17. Love Infinite by Stul Tripathi

This is one story that left me confused and puzzled at several parts. I found many loose ends that could have been taken care of to strengthen an otherwise powerful plot.

Indeed an intriguing starter for some other story.

18. It can’t be revenge by Shubham Jaiswal

The author raises a crucial question through the story – Is revenge justified for winning love? Whst do you say?

Feeling confused? Read the story as he ponders over every possible aspect of evolving love admist jealosy and revenge.

19. Love meets destiny by Neoni D’souza

A story that will make you believe in love and destiny once again.

The author has expressed how lovers get afraid with the destiny and how does destiny change when lovers meet.

20. Love may be by Anshuma Sharma

Grab the opportunity when Love knocks door but how could we identify that it is actual love on the other side?

Anshuma Sharma provides you with the answers and that too in great detail.

21. The game of fate by Nidhi

I guess, she was the youngest of the team. She has rejuvinated the memories of school days romance.

She has made a perfect blend by touching the aspects of school days friendships, groupism, unspoken feeling, accepting love and sacrificing it for your friend and family.

But, one doesn’t need to fear when friends are near. A beautiful love story fully laden with love.

22. The path by Kanisha Gupta

A story of love guided by betrayl. Beautiful poetry between the lines.

The author suggests the readers to be bold enough to love someone without reasons, without conditions and without expectations. By the end of it, all you will get is a sweet happy beginning.

23. Beyond Love by Parul Parihar

A story that starts where the love stories ends. Parul seems to know very well, how the characterization works in story writing.

She has potrayed a different definition of love using strong headed characters penned by her. However, english persons reciting hindi poetry seemed to be a little mismatch to me but I give it for her.


24. A stack of cards by Omung Goyal

An inspirational story starting from friendship and ending with friendship with lots of love.

The author makes a strong statement towards the ending paragraph – With no contacts from old friends (because of our egoistic nature) and with a new bunch of people who are soon going to be same, for you, like your old friends.

25. Miles away from you by Rahul Bhagvani

Rahul beautifully presents how it feels if the relationships are forced to end without any reasons…without any explanations and without any answers.

The story shows how lovers can be far away even being close to each other and how close they can be even if they are farther, out of reach.

A tell tale of losses in love due to possessiveness.

26. Is it not a true love by Anamika

Every single person gives own definition and meaning to the devil term – love.

Likewise, author of the story. Her explanation of love traverses the benches of her classes through social networks through group studies to unending wait for her love. This is her definition of love.

Now, is it a true love or not? This is sujected to reader’s apprehension.

At last, I conclude by saying that if we leave aside the typos mistakes it can be worth a purchase for the selection of stories is nice. It would have been appreciated if these were taken care of first at writing level and second at editing level.