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Standing Alone by Nimmu author is a mature tell tale of a single lady, Seema. She has lost her husband and leads a comfortable but lonely life in the city of Standing AloneCharleston.She is blessed with two children, a helpful close friend, a passion for writing , a hobby to maintain a beautiful house but as is known, nothing and nobody can can fill up the lacunae created in the absence of a life partner.

This story explains her struggle with her inner self, her concise to combat loneliness as she immerse herself into work in order to stay busy. She follows her passion of writing and is working on her novel when she accidently meets her husband’s old buddy, Richard.

Her life starts changing rapidly, as they both come closer in search of a true companion – something natural and obvious for two single individuals. But, as you know, life is not that smooth. One has to taste waters and face oppositions from friends and family.

Unlike the customary approach, this relationship was not a concern for either friends or family but the children, particularly her daughter – Shreya. Seema has to face her daughter’s intense behaviour such that Richard parts away and once again we find Seema at the crossroads of life – standing alone.

Truth is that life follows its own course and need not shape as per our desires.Will she move on once again, alone? Will she be able to complete her novel? Will she be able to bring her life back to initial stability? Will she understand her daughter’s plight or will her daughter try and understand her mother’s needs and desires? Read out to find out how she faces the situations and heads on to face life, standing alone.

Nimmu has very beautifully carved Seema’s character. How lonely she feels in her life, how responsible she feels for her children, how welcoming She has balanced her being a responsible mother and at same time a female looking up to a male companion to walk along her.

It is not at all an easy task to pen down such a kind of story-line. Writer needs to have a proper understanding of the mind set, thoughts, emotions, expectations and challenges of the family members. I must say, Nimmu has performed her job, exceptionally well!

A must read for all who love their family, especially the children living away from their family (whatever the reasons be). They will get a chance to understand the situations their parents might be going through in their absence. They will understand how it feels when parents have to stand alone and they will definitely wish to visit them once after completing reading.Of course, should be read by single (or separated ladies) as a source of inspiration which would suggest them that it is not a curse but a chance to prove your mettal that you should put to a judicious use in proper direction, as they stand tall – STANDING ALONE!

Being a single parent child myself, I could very easily understand and relate to Shreya. The story has aided me to come further close to my father mentally and emotionally and this time with more clarity.

A story that will always remain close to my heart!!!