Dear Readers,

Sanchit Mehrotra has authored the book – Nothing beween us published by Srishti Publishers. Today, he enjoys the spotlight with us.

BNI: Tell us something about yourself and your background.
SM: I am Sanchit Mehrotra from Moradabad, U.P. Apart from writing; I handle my Sanchit Mehrotrapaternal business of Financing. I also work as Assistant Professor. I previously worked in Nomura, Mumbai. I am an avid music lover. I love motorbikes, and love to drive cars as well, preferably at higher speeds.

BNI: So, What all you have written / published till date?
SM: This is my first novel that got published. Apart from this, few poems that I penned down in Hindi have been published in regional newspapers and magazines.

BNI: What inspired you to write your first book and or this book?
SM: While in college, and while working in Nomura, I used to see people having love affairs around me. Some were serious affairs, while others were mere flings. One thing I realized, though, was that maximum of those love stories ended on a sad note, i.e. people finally separating from the person they loved, and then destroying themselves, being stuck in the past. This intrigued me, since in romantic movies or novels, we come across happy endings. I used to think how difficult it would be, separating from the person you love, this failure in love and relationships. I still can’t figure that divine source which motivated me to pen down my thought-flow though.

BNI: A 30 word tagline for your book
SM: Two people, when in love, dream and crave to stay together, forever. For some, dreams become reality; for few others, destiny has other plans – shattering their dreams into pieces, separating the lovers, and destroying their lives in the process.

BNI: How did you come up with the title?
SM: The title ‘Nothing Between Us…’ came up instinctively while writing, for it conveys two sets of emotions between two persons. One is sheer closeness, as was the case between my characters Siddharth and Avantika because they were deeply in love with each other. Second is a sense of separation, when there is no bonding between two people; as was the case between Siddharth and Kaya. You have to go through the novel to know more about what I mean.

BNI: Is ‘Nothing Between Us…’ a love triangle?
SM: It isn’t exactly a love triangle, but it’s about how the past of a person can destroy the relationships.

BNI: Who is your intended audience?
SM: The novel is intended for all age group, primarily for audience between fifteen to forty years.

BNI: Who is your favourite character? What makes them so?
SM: My favourite character is Avantika. She is a charming young girl, with a soft heart, and positive attitude, talkative, bubbly girl, bearing a persona that can sweep you off your feet.

BNI: Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?
SM: The main character, Siddharth is a handsome boy with loads of aspirations. He falls in love with Avantika, intends to spend the life with her, gets separated from her due to destiny, and gets devastated and heart-broken. He meets Kaya, and battling the demons of the past, and desperately trying to build up a new relationship with Kaya, Siddharth’s heart and conscience are tried again and again, because destiny plays its cards. The question now is, will Siddharth be able to move on and make a fresh beginning with Kaya?

There’s nothing extraordinary about Siddharth. But how deeply he loves a girl, and how much care and concern he can shower on other girl, despite mending his own heart and conscience makes him special.

BNI: What was the hardest and easiest thing about your latest release?
SM: The hardest thing was to get it released. After sending the submissions and sample chapters, I waited for nearly two years to hear from the publishers; faced a few rejections also, and had almost lost hope when Srishti publishers responded. I am highly grateful to Editor Mr. Arup Bose, and the entire team of Srishti publishers. It’s because of them, everything seems easy now.

BNI: Share some interesting story about the book writing/cover development.
SM: I got engaged while editing of manuscript was going on, and the cover was being designed. Every time a cover design would come in, or was rejected or went for review, my fiancé asked me to show the cover; and I used to bluntly refuse her, telling her that I will show her the cover once it is finalized. And five days before my wedding day, the cover was approved. I believe the cover is the first gift I gave to my wife just before the wedding.

BNI: Is there a message in your book/novel that you want readers to grasp?
SM: Move on in life. Never hold on to your past, because you might miss something special on your way, while looking back.

BNI: Do you meet your readers at book signings, conventions or similar events? Any plans in relation to this book?
SM: I haven’t done any signing sessions or conventions, but intend to do so, when I get an opportunity.

BNI: Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
SM: I’ve heard from readers, and mostly I have heard positive reviews. They felt shocked by the climax. Some have confessed that they cried after they finished it, or have felt the pangs of depression. One of my friends even confessed that he wished to beat me for doing what I did with the characters. The readers might have hated me for the climax, but overall, they loved ‘Nothing Between Us…’, and therefore, like me as a writer.

BNI: When and how did you decide to become a writer? Do you write full-time or part-time?
SM: I never really decided that I will become a writer, as I have been writing from my school-time, for school magazines. While in graduation, I started to pen down poems. I still don’t know what divine force is working upon me, which inspires me to write, and was behind me while I wrote ‘Nothing Between Us…’

Since I mostly write after midnight till early morning or whenever I have thoughts in my mind, I assume that I am a part-time writer.

BNI: Which writers inspire you?
SM: Can’t name many, because I don’t read that much. Still, Ayn Rand, Geoffrey Archer, Chetan Bhagat and Ruskin Bond (in childhood) are amongst my favorites. I don’t miss reading comic strips in newspapers.

BNI: What draws you to this genre?
SM: Love and feelings of romance draw me towards this genre, because love has no set rules. It’s interesting to go through different aspects of love and romance in different stories, amongst different characters.

BNI: According to you, what is the hardest thing about writing?
SM: Portraying human emotions is the hardest thing to do while writing, because, unlike movies and television serials, the audience is not seeing face expressions and gestures. The author has to create an imagery of different emotions through words in the minds of the audience.

BNI: What are your ambitions for your writing career?
SM: Seeing my hard work paying off finally, I am planning to devote more of my time towards writing now, so that more of my work should come out for audience to enjoy. Also, I am planning to venture into other different genres as well, like horror or suspense thriller or fantasy, apart from romantic fiction.

BNI: What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment to you, as an author?
SM: There are a few who have slammed the climax, saying that the novel should have ended on a happy note. Everyone has different opinion towards different situations. You just can’t keep everyone happy.

The best compliment I got was from some readers, who said that they cried after finishing it. I guess making someone cry because of what I penned down is a feat in itself.

BNI: What are your thoughts on book series? Would you like to have one for your latest book?
SM: Series is a good idea, as it keeps the audience hooked and speculating. On the flip side, author has tremendous pressure to keep the momentum rolling in the sequel. However, it all depends on the success of the first book, and the review it gets.

I have no intention to pen down a sequel of ‘Nothing Between Us…’, because it is almost impossible to expand the story further.

BNI: Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
SM: It’s not easy getting the attention of the publishers, being a first timer, owing to the competition in this genre. Also, patience plays a key role; you need to keep up the morale if you are rejected by some. I believe that if the work is good, it will see the light of the day for sure.

BNI: What was your favourite chapter (or part) to write and why?
SM: Being my first, every word written in it is my favorite. But for your question, chapter 6, the chapter, where Siddharth finally confesses his love towards Avantika is my favorite, because, being a guy, I know that you just cannot anticipate what’s there in the girl’s heart. Siddharth’s situation is trickier, because Avantika is his childhood friend, so he feared that rejection in love would also harm his friendship. The entire set-up created, the mood, the revelation, everything makes this chapter special for me.

BNI: How about a snippet from your book that is meant to intrigue and tantalize us?
Two people, when in love, dream and crave to stay together, forever. For some, dreams become reality; for few others, destiny has other plans – shattering their dreams into pieces, separating the lovers, and destroying their lives in the process.

Nothing Between Us… is one such love story. Siddharth fell in love with his childhood friend Avantika, and dreamt of spending the rest of his life by her side. Everything was working in his favour, before destiny decided against it and intervened.

Heart-broken, Siddharth gathers pieces of broken dreams from his soul, unable to move on from the past that brought his life on the crossroads, and him face to face with Kaya. She too loves Siddharth, and dreams of a future with him. But she cannot fathom a way to resist and overcome the battle between his heart and conscience.

Battling the demons of the past, and desperately trying to build up a new relationship with Kaya, Siddharth’s trials are never-ending, because destiny plays its cards. Will Siddharth be able to move on and make a fresh beginning with Kaya? Check the ‘sting-in-the-tail’ in climax.

BNI: What are your expectations for the book?
SM: As an author, the expectations are pretty high, because I believe that ‘Nothing Between Us…’ has every element to keep the reader hooked. Rest, I leave it on God.

BNI: Do you think book cover an important role in sales?
SM: Absolutely; since cover is the first thing that attracts the readers. You read the blurb only after you are attracted towards it.

BNI: ebook, pdf, mobi, kindle or printed hardcover book, what’s your pick?
SM: My pick would be a printed hardcover book; because no other medium gives that kind of closeness with the novel as a hardcover book. Besides, a rich book shelf speaks loads about the owner’s taste.

Thanks Sanchit for sharing your thoughts with the readers of Books News India blog. We wish your book a grand success.