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4 Friends by Rohit Pagade is an inspirational story based on true life events. Yes, it is a work of fiction but inspired by real-life stories and findings. The story is crafted around the lives of four persons – Arjun Rahane (the main lead), Rehan Khan, Baldev Singh and George D’Souza, all of them accused for murder of their wives.

Yes, they have been falsely charged for murdering their wives and4 friends convicted under Law of Dowry. The 4 friends represent 4 lives, 4 stories, 4 directions and technically speaking 4 cases. They land into prison one by one and share their stories about they have been falsely trapped. Within the jail, they experience how the opposite parties are playing games, in order to ensure that they along with their families succumb to the tiresome judicial developments.

This is author’s debut attempt, written during his parole period. Yes, the author is one of the four friends, who is actually, at present, facing the hardships behind the bars. Through this book, he has made an attempt to get hold of an alternate source to inspire and ALERT the people on the other side of the bars. He has drafted the story amicably without any hard words against his family, friends, judicial system and his in-laws. He has tried to bring forward the plight of the convicts, the prisoners and the accused.

It was dreadful to learn how interested parties and officials toil around the laws for their own benefits and how the loop holes in the system provides the lee-way to non-deserving parties. The feelings of an educated man on way to prison, on entering prison, on occupying Khaddi, on encountering social discards, on facing internal disturbances (such as enemity between groups) and how they struggle hard to survive both physically and mentally as well. The description of regular visits to courts and trials was heartbreaking.

Throughout the book, the author has maintained a positive aura without backbiting or backstabbing any of the parties involved (whether governmental or not) and follows a motivating speech which strengthens you, mentally but leaves you emotionally exhausted. The plight of the secluded and not proven guilty persons is enough to melt stone hearts into tears. The ‘Mulakaat’ sessions were high voltage shocks. They are proof that there is so much to be shared but left unsaid. The helplessness in front of constables discussing the wife’s naked body was a perfect ingredient to boil blood instantly. Where at one end the harsh reality and reason behind trapping the convicts with heavy chains was surprising, there, the cheap comments were mentally torturing.

Marriage is indeed a family affair. Ironically, it is sad to learn how innocent and non-connected family members are forcibly thrown into filth. He has caught every single emotion and touched the right chords at right time.

I was very much impressed with the teachings shared by his father during the course of time. The credit to coin the term – 4 friends and to re-ignite the power to stand up goes to him, only.

It is definitely a RECOMMENDED read for masses, irrespective of clad and clan. If nothing else, check this out as a case study to understand human (hu-man) relations and testimony to institution of marriage. There are numerous and countless accounts with a female perspective to dowry and inter-related issues but I guess, this is the first one with a male perspective. Hence, this calls for a critic attention.

Reviewing this book, is my miniscule effort in the direction, to bring focus towards out-dated judicial system, pathetic conditions of temple of law and to request the influencers to come up with strategies for the grief stricken people for an easily rehabilitation of accused but otherwise talented people like him, back into the society, to a normal life once again.

With Rohit (Arjun), I feel hopeful, as he states….’Give judiciary a chance’.

Book Introduction
Arjun Rahane was just like any other professional. Each day started with his offi ce and ended cosily at home with family. To Arjun, it appeared, the routine would keep repeating throughout his life. But then, one day, life suddenly took a turn.

Arjun was charged with murder, of his wife Falgun. Before he could recover from the loss, he was thrown in prison, in the jungle, amidst dacoits, robbers andgangsters – an unimaginable truth.

Within a few days, Arjun became an untouchable. His relatives, friends and subordinates, all fled, leaving him alone. Other than his aged parents no one came forward to help. He felt crippled and lonely.

In the prison, Arjun soon found … the punitive legislation on bride’s death was horrendously drafted against, police was lethargic, and media … seemed enslaved with bias. With judiciary appearing more than willing to turn away, Arjun hopelessly stared into darkness … it seemed an un-winnable battle.

…….Four Friends

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