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An Affair to Remember by Harkeerat Anand, is a maddening story about an affair of an employee from an (fictional) organisation.

The story is a work of humour in a creative style of writing. It starts as we find Ogre and ‘I’ checking out girls, whoAn affair to remember fit best as test for their social experiment. They both work in an organisation and have issues, just similar to one that we all, as employees of one or the other organisations, face on daily basis. The story starts with a rejection of Appraisal and continues with the chain of reactions, as an aftermath. Strange events take place leading the protagonist through a thrilling journey to unveil the real self.

It is a mind-boggling story wherein you could relate yourself with the characters very easily. Even if, you have not experienced any of the developments by yourself, the magnetism in the flow of words forces you to visualize yourself in such situations and influences you to expect them to happen for real. Just relax, take the book in your hands to read and soothe your senses as you flip the pages one after the other.

The strong characterization and a gripping style of writing are the major driving forces guiding the story. The author keeps you glued to the pages until the end of the story.

If you are looking for something different and creative, don’t miss picking up this book.