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It’s for you…Mihi by Md. Asif, is a tribute to true love and a dedication to the loving hearts.

The blurb of the book introduces the readers with the instances of indications of twoIt's for you...mihi loving hearts, some gestures that could be justifiably be classified as romantic deeds and further questions the readers if they have ever experienced the charm and thrills of romanticising their love-lives with such encounters. It is a thought-provoking and intriguing teaser to touch the romantic chords. The book cover is an appealing sample of love depicted beautifully with shining two rings. Aww..I loved the rings entangled in a chain.

Asif (IFF) loves Mihi. Obviously, anyone could make it from the title of the book but how should one define if the emotion that is being dealt with, is actually love? The story begins as we find Asif heading for a journey to meet Mihi, his love. He is feeling apologetic towards her. What was the problem between the couple? What made them separated? Finally, what is making him run after her if they have separated? Questions are many, making the book worth a read.

As he sets on his journey, he meets a co-passenger and twists and turns make both of them speak out their hearts and minds to each other. This exchange of dialogues and love-stories brings about a shift in mind-set and thought process towards the loved ones. Will it be in his favour or against him? I won’t tease you readers much but share with you that he ultimately meets her but with an unforeseen terror of losing her.

Did he actually lose her? Is this book a dedication to his lost love? What do two rings on the cover page signify? Does his wait meet end? Why do destiny torn the lovers apart at all? An emotional saga, recommended for all those who understand the meaning of true love and complete dedication to your love.

This is author’s first attempt and he has managed to strike chords of love. He has a flair for writing, be it selection of words or expressing emotions, he knows how to put nib in motion for readers. Readers will feel connected with the story instantly. It carries a tinge of school love, friendship and mother’s (family’s) love, flavours experienced by all of us, at-least once in our life. There was only one instance where the lovebirds rejoiced each other’s company very intimately and I felt it was not (really) necessary to dive deep into it (taking into account an otherwise well-written script and age of the lovers at that time. This is my personal opinion without any personal attacks to anybody. J ) . Definitely, a recommended read.

This is a book written not for minds but for hearts and only hearts – loving hearts.

I leave you people with a few lines from the author himself…

Does this proposal complete the love? Do these 3 words assure the promises of love? Do these promises assure a strong attachment of two persons in their life? Is this the destination or does love need some more steps altogether? Was that really the start? Why does something lack inside even after the confession of love? Why do we hide our relation from the society?

I was too young to know the answers of these questions and was unaware of the consequences of this relation.

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Who know what love is? The secret still continues.