Crossing the Seas – an attempt to live again by Aditya Acharya is a work of fiction from Dream House Publications.

Crossing the Seas, as the title suggests, is a tell tale about three friends who destined byCrossing the Seas their fates are forced to travel across the sea to find their own identities. Their journey across the sea is an attempt to live again. No they are not running away from their pasts, but they are moving further to shape their future. Will they be able to swim across? Yes, they will but how?

This story is about their journey from one mainland to another. This is author’s second attempt to provide his readers with a justified and tempting treat. Yes, it is really a delight to read such kind of stories because they are not simple explanations of emotions and turmoil. Rather, they are a source of inspiration packed in a handful of pages with bagful of inertia to pull you across the difficult times.

As the subtitle suggests, it is a story about living again. Life never gives a second chance to all but, if you are the chosen one; do not miss to grab the golden chance. This is what this book motivates you about. Not intriguing enough? Read more.

How would you react to a situation when someone very dear to you needs you the most? Definitely, your answer will be – I can go to any length. Right? But, what is the extent of the length that you could imagine? Is it a few kilometres or is it across the seas. Yes, it takes guts to take such a decision and only real men or say real friends can think about travelling across such distances. Aryan is one such man, one such friend.

This story is about Aryan, standing tall for his friends – Mikash and Nidhi, come what may. Who is Aryan? How come he is so attached to his friends? What made them travel across the continents? Why was he needed by his friends? Will he be able to prove his friendship or will he fall flat in front of ruthless devil – destiny? What was the threat that they had to risk their lives? Why wasn’t is a smooth ride? What is the actual story behind the journey?

The author, as an ardent lover, travels along with you with his words. It is impressive that how he understands the emotions and psyche of people in such kind of difficult situations. A unique treatment given to the genre called love stories. A story that expands beyond love to trust and courage. You will feel like running to your friends in need irrespective of time and situation.

You should definitely read this story if you love your friends.

Recommended for all those who would love to be addressed as ‘true friends.’