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Romantic Resonance by Ketaki Sane is a romantic treat for romance book lovers.

Romance – the lovely feeling that turns the live and the lively moments rosy but romantic resonancedoes it stands true for all? No it does not. Arya, loved a guy – Swapneel who leaves her without telling her the reason behind his walking away. Her dreams and aspirations are left shattered. She somehow manages to fight with her life and engrosses herself for social cause and finds a true friend in Dhruv.

Like every true and passionate lover, she still waits for her love come back and he does but with a hidden secret. Will he unleash the hidden fact? What is it that it keeping him away from her? What will happen to their love story? Will their love resonate? and, what about Dhruv? Are all friendships meant to be kept with? Find your answers as the resonance is created and a stir created with every single paragraph.

This is a struggle between falling in love and rising in career. The writer has written the story with a love-is-in-the-air attitude. He narration style is very simplistic, full of emotions and soft and breezy essence decorates it. Her charm forces you to feel as if some friend of yours is narrating a story in front of you and this leads to a multiplied after effect.

The title is perfect for the story as it continues to resonate even after you complete reading the book. I loved how the facts unfold and events take a bumpy ride before continuing a smooth journey.

I recommend it to soft love story lovers especially who are commuting this monsoon. So, just include purchasing this book in your to-do list. Who knows, your strike vibes with somebody sooner or later after reading this book.

Love resonates…you need to hear. 🙂