Sip of the Sea by Sarang Khaty is a series of short stories with the main character – Krishna.

When was the last time when you have a read enriching and inspiring bed-time Sip of the Seastories? I am confident that it was not from the near future. Do you wish to relive the childhood moment of sleeping in your mother’s lap with stories that would energise you for the next morning? Go and grab a copy.

Sip of the Sea, as the name goes, is just a miniscule effort by the author to provide the today’s young brigade and their parents with fresh new stories. These moral driven stories are not just meant to kill time rather they freshen you up to face the hardships of life with a fresh new approach and with an additional zing.

The character Krishna, is a boy that anyone could relate to very easily. He is a young teen who lives with his family. This is a set of 10 stories are 10 separate incidents occurring one after another. As you complete reading every single story you feel more mature and understanding as a person.

Indeed, a perfect gift for children who love reading books and if you wish to kindle reading habits in your teen kids, just give it a try. If you are a parent, who loves to recite bed-time stories to your kids, just check it out.

This is author’s first attempt as a professional story writer and he won’t disappoint you. Leaving behind a few misprinting mistakes, the stories are new and motivating.

Hope you all enjoy reading stories as much I did.