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The Helpline by Uday Mane is not a book to be read. Yes, it is not it is a message that needs to be spread wide across the masses. With my review, I do my bit and after reading the review, you need to complete your bit by buying a copy for yourself and soothe your senses.

*** Proceedings of Rs.5 per book will be used for Child welfare through The Rotary Foundation***

I admit that the opening lines of this review of mine is a bit controversial and not customary unlike my other reviews. In-fact, I did this intentionally following the footsteps of the author, who has made a wise attempt to break free all the customs and reintroduce your self to yourself. Am I confusing you? May be but may be not.

Confusion is a weed that eats up our minds and leaves up handicapped with parasites which we identify as depression, pressure, lost identity, failure, regret and the likes. Our goals seem far away, we feel guilty of non-performance, a void is created which is very painful. Though we may be very near to our aspirations – love and career but the distance elongates and we try to cut it short by following a short-cut, committing a suicide.

The question is if this is the shortest distance actually? Do we really reach our goals faster? Does it cuts short the distances? Above all, is it a solution at all?

The author has not attempted to raise such questions to awake sleeping minds rather he had tried to find the answers by reaching out to the root cause in an unconventional way – through the channel of a helpline. This is a concept not very much prevalent in India but the trend is catching up (though in some other forms). I am confident that this book will set a benchmark and inspire the youth to extend their hands to ask for help and not for killing themselves.

Samir is introduced to us as a boy with a suicidal tendency. People who care for him continue to follow their lives comforting him but there is a hidden pain that is searching the way out. A voice that needs to be heard, a story that needs a narrator and here he is – Uday Mane.

This is a narrative that describes how does a person with a suicidal tendency feels, what all does he experience when the world sees him as motionless creature occupying the vacant chair. He dives deep into the ocean of memories and brings out the pearls that bring shine in Samir’s eyes.

One night, Samir spots an HELPLINE advertisement in a newspaper. He dials the number and fate connects him with the helper – Rachael. As her designation demands, she is there to help and guide the people in disturbed state of mind. Will she be able to render help to Samir? Will Samir speak out his heart and mind to her? What will be the outcome?

He has a strong hold on his characters and their roles. He has this in-depth understanding of the psyche of the vulnerable personality. Not by any means, you can make out that this is his first tryst with the ink and nibs. Kudos.

A benchmark book for the youth of India.

A recommended read for:

– book lovers
– young blood
– people feeling tired of life (of suicidal tendency)
– people feeling happy with life (driving motivation)

I usually, do not give star ratings in my reviews but again I break one more custom today, just for this book and adorn it with a 5-star rating. A MUST read book for all.

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