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My review:
Against all Odds by Jazz Singh is a compelling romantic novella from Jazz’s kitty. Against all oddsBefore, I start with review, I wish to apologise for publishing review this late. I read the novella in May (about two months ago) but missed publishing the review.
As far as the review is concerned, it is a KISS (ing) story between two contrasting souls bound together against all odds related to class and so-called societal gaps. I am confident that you get my point right, when I tag it as KISS – Keeping it short and sweet. Yes, it is a fast-paced story that brings forth the social issue of deepening gaps between the so-called high – low class families.
However, where there is love, there is no space left for any other facet and the author – Jazz has successfully played with the words to serve the sizzle in a different packaging.

If I keep aside my guilty feeling for delay in publishing review, I am glad that I got the opportunity to provide it a different perspective altogether. Apart from the general elements of an ideal love-story, the intimacy was an aspect that was hard for me to accept whole-heartedly. With passing time and my increasing experience as a book reviewer, I realized that things are changing much faster in book industry and writers are coming forward with stories that are closer to reality to a practical extent and truth is that intimacy develops, in reality.

Yes, I agree there that there has to be a limit for discussing it openly but every writer has a fundamental right to sew his or her imaginations into their brainchildren.

If you are an Indireads follower, an ebook lover, a romantic person at heart and a strong headed woman that this is a definite read for you. Sanjana and Abhimanyu are lovers of today’s generation and very well know what to expect from their life.

Read this story to understand their take on accepting their love against all odds and come what may. What could be the nature of odds in a story titled – ‘Against all Odds’? Well a teaser would be – a summation of all odds. 

Jazz Singh has showcased herself as a promising romance author with her balanced understanding of emotions and outbursts of her characters during the course of action. She never lets you read a story. She makes you visualize it. She has made a daring attempt in writing stories and it is nothing less than a commendable effort.

Do I need to say anymore?

Book Introduction

The first time they collide, he thinks she is a con, she believes he is an arrogant snob.
It takes several meetings to change their minds about each other but eventually, Abhimanyu and Sanjana strike up a friendship that seems destined to turn into something more . He is a rich successful businessman, however, and she is a small town girl who doesn’t fit into his glittering world; a fact that Abhimanyu’s mother has taken pains to point out.

Will they ever overcome the odds or are their lives on parallel tracks never destined to cross.