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My review:

Only a Dream by Jazz Singh is a sweet romantic novella. One more time, I mentionOnly a dream my apologies for publishing a review lately.

This is another jewel from the Jazz- Indireads duo. The striking feature of this novella is a beautiful book cover. It is bright, attractive and carrying a charming magnetism that compels you to read the story every time it passes in front of your eyes. This is one of my favourites from the lot.

The story is as mesmerizing as the book cover itself. Rhea meets Varun after they had separated a couple of years back. Read the story to be a companion of Rhea as her life takes a U-turn, as she bumps into Varun, one fine day. Will she be made an emotional fool or is Varun there as a mere coincidence or is it a planned strategy? The worst fear – Is it a dream in itself or a reality?

You may have read countless stories describing heartbreaks, break-ups, patch-ups, and the likes but reading this novella is a fresh treat as if it is a love-at-first-sight love story. Jazz Singh is a talented writer, as can be noted through her treatment given to her characters and catching hold of the emotions in every story from her desk and this story too abides by her set writing rules. J

Workplace romance is a tricky genre and needs to be balanced to provide it an influential aura. Indireads and Jazz are the true warriors who aim their targets at bull-eyes. They never disappoint their readers and this story feels like a dreamy hand-in-hand walk with your beloved. It has softness of first love and spice of separation, a dressing of reunion and tinge of some private memorable moments.

Rhea today, is a strong and successful female who cherishes her professional strength to new skies. She had moved ahead after heartbreak with Varun years back. Today, as Varun lands up in front of her as her new boss, she stands on the crossroads not bothering for any answers and clarifications but…but Varun has something crucial to share with her. Will she be all ears or all tears?

Read it to enjoy and cherish your first love and love that knocked your doors twice in your lifestime. Read to explore how Rhea reacts when she encounters him again. Will she be blessed with love of her life or will she be forced to forget him as a dream? Rhea and Varun await you…

Book Introduction

Rhea can’t believe her ex-flame Varun has shown up in her life again as her new boss! He was her first love,the man she gave herself to body and soul, thinking they would be together forever. But then, without warning or explanation, he dumped her and she was left with broken dreams and a broken heart.

Now, he wants Rhea in his life again and won’t take no for an answer. But the hurt and humiliation of the past still rankle and Rhea is not ready to forgive or forget.

Can Varun convince her that his promise are for real? Should Rhea believe him?