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The Chronicles of Devi by Pankaj Misra is a commendable effort from the author for introducing today’s generation with the priceless Indian mythology.

The story dates back billions of years ago when Devi – the primordial force, who The Chronicles of Devicreated the universe was worried about the existence and the survival of the world created by her. Her creations were crossing their boundaries, hampering each other’s interests and were threatening their own existence. One such evil force named Mahisa – an asur, was the menace calling for an immediate attention. It was then, when Devi decides to intervene for saving the humankind.

The chapter – Birth of Cosmos, was a beautifully written chapter. In this chapter the author details how Devi, using her supernatural powers has given shape and face to her dream. The beautiful description of the event and the elements was simply alluring and magical. He then moves further detailing about how life came into being in all the three realms of cosmos and who inhabited the respective realms. He then builds the base of the birth of the evil and discuses how Devi encounters him.

Read the novel to learn the truth behind the birth of the evil, helplessness of good and call for god. The journey is all about courage and wisdom. It not only reignites the faith in god but in self. Read to know how Devi counters Mahisa. Will she be successful or Mahisa will conquer her?

Indian literature is an immeasurable pools of wisdom and intellect but sadly the plight of our ancient ‘Vedas’ is needs no introduction here. The information rich work of literature are being neglected or say sidelined in the glamour of today’s (not so deep and enriching) literal work. In such a scenario, the author dares to bring forth much priced valuable possessions of Indian culture – the story of the Devi, the ultimate power – the creator of the cosmos and the terminator of Mahisa.

The Volume I of the series, enlightens the readers with how (and why) the Devi creates – a Cosmos? Later on, Mahisa – the evil tries to overpower her creation and with the course of time, she decides to bring the evil to a halt for the betterment of the humanity.

This work is an impressive modern day adaptation of what I have read as ‘Durga Saptadashi’ with more inputs from author’s research from other epics including ‘Devi Mahatamayam’. The author is hopeful in his attempt of making his own interpretation of the ancient literature keeping the essence intact. In his words – “It is my attempt to connect our rich cultural heritageto our modern generation with English as a medium”.

Readers will enjoy the simple language, which is easily understandable and easy to grasp. The flow of events and description of characters is flawless. By the time, you finish reading, you feel enriched, enlightened and energetic to face the problems in your life with a positive aura and faith in you.

I recommend this book especially for the youngsters because they need to be introduced to the long forgotten motivating real stories from our ancient historical literatures. Not to miss the elders, who do not have the time, patience and understanding of long books written in language, not familiar to all – Sanskrit. I have made my mind to gift it to one of my child, what about you?

About the Book

Our ancient literature is full of captivating stories. But most of these stories are hidden in the beautiful intricacies of Sanskrit in Vedas, Purans and Shlokas. This story is a modern day adaptation of the Devi Mahatamayam and a small tribute to the great god who created all of us and gave us this beautiful life.

The author has narrated this story with his own interpretation while keeping its essence intact. It is his attempt to connect our rich cultural heritage to our modern-generation, with English as the medium.

The story of Devi – Durga as she is commonly known today – is an enchanting one. It is full of virtues,values, culture, and yes, action and adventure too just like the fantasy films that we watch. Mahishasur represents the embodiment of an evil of such great magnitude that he could not be defeated even by gods when they fought individually. Yet, when they invoked their internal energies and the sacred feminine that resides in each one of us as Shakti and then joined forces with one another, even the mightiest evil did not stand a chance.

This is not a mere story but a celebration. Read anytime, as a novel or even as a bedtime story for children, it is guaranteed to make you feel happy and blessed.