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Pyar hai ya Sazaa by Afsana Khan Anjum is a lovely Hindi novel about how love transforms into a punishment. The author through the medium of her soulful and Pyar hai ya sazaemotional story raises a question from the readers – what is it – Pyar hai ya sazza. Can love really become a punishment? If yes, how? and If no, what is the source of this question? Check this out.

This review is meant especially for book lovers who like reading hindi language novels.

Love, an eternal feeling that almost very single individual wishes to enjoy on this earth. If not successful in love, at least they rejoice the mere knock of love on their doorstep. Nevertheless, quite a few people are not blessed with the charisma of the feeling of love. They have a different type of love-story, altogether. This is one such account.

Sarita, a young girl, who is full of life, steps into her adulthood and as destined, falls in love with a decent responsible guy – Sagar. They both are educated, sensible, mature and responsible enough to commit a mistake in their life and particularly related to their love-life. But, one fine day, Sagar turns his back to her lady love – Sarita, leaving her blank and a void in her life, that becomes hard to mend day by day. She makes an effort but to her vain.

Why love becomes a punishment to them? What wrong have they done? Why Sagar turns back? Why he left unintimated? What answers is Sarita looking for? Whose punishment is this? What sort of punishment is it? Is this a punishment or is this love? Find out by yourself.

Read this book, if you love reading a love story in Hindi language. Reasons are much more than this. This is a story of togetherness and separation, of living with love and living for love, of living in love and dying for love, of Sagar and Sarita and of Pyar and Sazaa.

You will enjoy the flow of events, which smooth one instant to another. You need not put an additional effort to understand the developments. The author’s descriptive style of writing works for you. If you are an emotional at heart, you will definitely enjoy it. Take it as your pillow-mate and relax.

About the book

This story is about two loving hearts, brimming with love…; about a ravishing beauty ‘Sarita’ and man with loving heart ‘Sagar’…

They were destined to meet and fall in love and not just love but an eternal love, a rosy love. They met, fell in love, promised to live together but as was their love destined not was their living together with each other…rather they lived for each other.