Bloody Good Book is India’s first crowd sourced and crowd curated eBook publishing venture. Begun by bestselling author Rashmi Bansal and Niyati Patel, Bloody Good Book seeks to discover, support and help new writing talents, and significantly change the publishing industry.

Author Rashmi Bansal’s own experiences in publishing have laid the foundation for Bloody Good Book. Having seen at close quarters the struggle of aspiring authors to get noticed by large publishing companies, she decided to give back to the community. 

Bloody Good Book has taken a different route to publishing. Unlike traditional publishing companies where a group of high-minded editors decide which book gets published, Bloody Good Book encourages the people, bookworms and book lovers, to decide what should get published. Simply put, this is democratic publishing. Not only do aspiring authors get fair opportunities to get noticed and published, readers too, get the incredible opportunity to play an integral role in the publishing process.

Here’s how it’s done.

Bloody Good Book has created a user-friendly and vibrant online platform where aspiring authors can submit their manuscripts.

1) The first three chapters of the manuscript are made available for reading on the website.

2) Readers and book lovers are encouraged and invited to join Bloody Good Book for free and read, review and vote for what they think should be published.

3) Every month, the Top 10 Most Popular and the Top 10 Rated books are considered for eBook publication by Bloody Good Book.

Bloody Good Book-Westland

Bloody Good Book has also joined hands with a major print publisher Westland Ltd for a co-publication venture. Therefore, each month, Westland Ltd too, will review the Top 10 Rated and Top 10 Most Popular books along with Bloody Good Book. They will consider these books for print publication. 

Advantages to authors and readers

The advantages to readers and authors are manifold. Authors can avail of a transparent and fair way to publishing, and can also regularly communicate and collaborate with potential readers to their book.

Readers and book lovers get the incredibly opportunity to read interesting, innovative new writing, collaborate with authors, and join a like-minded community. Most importantly, they get the chance to have their voice heard, and play a significant role in the publishing process.

Bloody Good Book began on 2nd June, 2014, and already has over 3300 members and 53 manuscripts> It continues to grow everyday with the aim to discover and support new writing talent, and provide path-breaking, fresh and original books for the Indian readers.”