My Review

Love, has always been the most prized possession especially for the ones, who have been blessed with this eternal feeling in their lives. Moreover, it is priceless but ironically, sometimes, we (the lovebirds) need to pay price for falling in love. Similarly, ‘College days’ is a period when we are most vulnerable to this love-parasite and surprisingly we all get infected by its venom for at-least, once. The danger becomes yet more enjoyable if, we get blessed with – true and caring friends. It further becomes a blessing in disguise if we get the love, which we admire all through the atrocities of ragging and the torturous boring lectures.

Love, scores, repute – are these the only three milestones that we look upto during this phase of life? No, my dear friends, there is a fourth power as well, in this equation –  it is our loving family. Yes, the inseparable components of our lives and well-being – our parents and our siblings. Can the love- whom we admire and the family -who admires us, go hand-in-hand? Sometimes, ‘Yes’ or may be sometimes it seems that the response is ‘NO’. Isn’t it our family, who introduces us to the divinity of the cupid’s arrow? So, why does it become an issue when, we become the cupid’s arrow’s victim?

Love and family, both are integral part of our persona. It is harder than said, if we have to choose between the two but then, destiny has the call, here. A set of selected people get trapped by the devil – named destiny and things do not proceed, as we expected or at-least we had wished for. So, at this crossroad of life, what should one pick – love or family? Can there be a third possibility as well? Is the question of ethnicity so important that it can shatter the dreams and snatch away all that we have earned in our young age?

‘Your Love was all I Had’ by Kaushal Kumar Jha is a perfect example to support this very analogy. Read how he gets deserted and drained when her love was all he had. What happened?

The story is about Rahul, his hardships to secure a seat in his dream medical college, the atrocities of seniors during ragging, the cool breeze of love amidst all these bottlenecks and challenges in admitting love in front of families and about the commitments in love. If you are fond of reading a college romance but love to use your brains while reading then, this is your pick. The author, a medico, as expected has prescribed a dose of love coated with the syrup of the commitment. He has put in his years of experience starting from studying hard to get admission in a medical college (students who have appeared for medical entrance tests can very easily connect with it), facing ragging (those hard to meet but bitter-sweet challenges), following our love (bunking classes just to get a glimpse that could make the day ahead easier),  assignments, tests and results in this story. Nowhere, you could cite a sentence that is hard to read or harder to understand. His smooth writing style makes it an enjoyable read but it becomes painful as the story takes new turns. He will engross you in his story so much deeply, such that you will feel as if it your own life is unfolding with every single sentence read.

This is a journey from falling in love to falling for love. A smart and studious student, who studied hard to get admission in the medical college of his choice, falls for a girl. They both have their set of similarities and differences. They establish their love life by balancing the seesaw of similarities and differences but one fine day, this balance gets disturbed and the author reconciles – your love was all I had.

I conclude my review with a recommendation for this soulful story with a tryst with souls.

Book Introduction

Rahul loved Riya. Riya loved Rahul. Rahul is a medico, Riya is a non-medico. Rahul is from North India, Riya is a Maharashtrian…and the differences were endless. But, love never saw their differences before connecting their hearts. Will they be able to make it a successful love story like others? Is there something different in their love? Will they be able to keep their commitments in Love? Would they prioritize Love instead of their families and careers? Will this Love story and with smiles on their faces?

‘Your love was all I had’, a story about the journey of an aspiring doctor in Mumbai; from his life in a small town, to his migration to a bigger city for earning a degree in medicine and the quintessential degree in ‘Love’!

A story about two people who are destined to fall in love but not destined for each other’s company, for a ‘happily ever after’ story. This book hopes to acquaint you with the real meaning of Love in the age of social networking, where love begins on walls of ‘Facebook’ profiles and ends on confession pages!