Neelam Chandra Saxena, a renowned author and poetess is inviting entries for a giveaway contest for her latest award-wiining book – Winter Shall Fade. This is a book from mother-author duo, which is a collection of inspiring poems.

Winter signifies the rough and tough days which come in our life. We cannot have a divine blessingNeelam contest which forbids winter to come in our lives. It is meant to come and it shall come. But so will autumn, spring and summer. It is the way a man faces winter does he make or break. And it only during the peaks of winter that we learn how much resilience, buoyancy and toughness we have. After all, the winter is meant to fade. Only one should have the perseverance. There is an internal strength within all of us. Some of us are aware about it while others are ignorant. Sometimes, the soul displays its strength only when a need arises.

It is this inner strength inside our soul or cha that the poems in the collection ‘Winter Shall Fade’ try to touch.


Last Date of Submissions: Aug 10, 2014