Bow! Bow! Bow! (Read it as Wow! Wow! Wow!)

The Devil’s Gate – An Impossible journey by Deepak Kripal is a beautiful story about animals – particularly a cat, named Katy and a dog, named Dug and their fellow mates, whom they meet during during their journey. A journey set out for finding new abode for the whole animal fraternity.

Before, I technically start my review about the book, I wish to mention that I am an animal lover and have secured a soft corner for these God’s creations in my heart. Therefore, a few of you, who donot like the idea of loving animals, might not be convinced by my review. No offence. I target my review to the other half to (may be) animal book lovers.

Katy and Dug have been bestowed with the responsibility to visit an invisible island (as representatives of animal community), inhabited by demons for seeking their permission to inhabit their island. But why? This is because of us. We, the humans beings are responsible to bring them to the verge of extinction for fulfilling our greeds and hence, they decide to part ways from us and plan to move to a doomed island – A Land of five hundered graves!

This story is about their journey to that island and unlocking the ‘mighty gate’ – The Devil’s Gate; behind which is the answer, they have been searching for. It’s about their experience of visiting the lifeless island and finding the key to unlock the devil’s gate.

Who will they meet and talk to on this lifeless island? Why are they making such a big rather risky leap? Why only these two creatures? What happened on their journey that inspired this beautiful story?

The author has chosen an innovative form of storytelling, which is an amalgamation of simple language, lucid explanations, out-of-box thinking, enriching developments and thought-provoking questions that will jitter you, deep-down your souls, with minimal efforts. Not limiting to this, there are several light-hearted but eye-opening incidents that will urge you to reconsider your purpose of living. His is a smart, intelligent and educated approach towards story-telling which touches every single chord of life.

His lucid descriptions made visualizing easier yet more effective. Many one-liners were a big punch and seem next to forget. One such example states:

“Greed of money and power has spoilt the spirits of human beings. They are not basically bad; rather they have lost way!”

Does this intrigue you enough? What do you think they about us?

For dog’s sake! Plz read this book.


Characterization is a big strength and driver of the story. The behaviors and responses expressed by the characters can be easily corelated with their actual animal personality. The descriptive explanations further add to the enigma.

I conclude with a statement – Get thrilled as the animals surrender themselves to demons and monsters (read it as ‘Death’) – really!!!

Redefining humanity with enjoyable moments from the admirable company of demons.

An emotional, painful but hopeful sci-fi helping us to reconsider the purpose of our own existence. A MUST READ.