The Fragile Heart by Ankit Jaiswal is a sweet romantic tell tale with a cool breezy feeling.

This story is about a school boy with fragile heart, Jai. Similar to other boys of this age he is blessed with a loving family and caring friends. He becomes familiar with the fragile nature of his heart when love enters his life but to leave him alone. Geeta is her name.

Another girl tries to make way through his fragile heart; was it love or an age-bound infatuation? By the time they both realize their feelings for each other an unforeseen mystery stands tall in front of them.

What is that mystery? How does it affect their love life? Will Jai find his true love through friendship or will friendship hinder his path to reach out to his love? Read the story to know how Jai meets his love in a mysterious way.

Ankit follows a simple and fluid style of writing. It doesn’t requires much to focus hard and delve in to the story. You flow with the current with nil efforts on eyes and brain, alike. The conversational story-telling approach chosen by author makes it a delight to read.

He has portrayed Jai as a strong character who gets weak in matter of heart. ‘Pyar’ and ‘poetry’ are double trouble. The author keeps you glued all through the pages with a hint of beautiful poetry sprinkled between the paragraphs. Be it a happy or a sad moment, the writer (poet) within him springs his heads up to speak out his heart and its emotions.

He has beautifully described the thought process of a boy of this age. Whether It is about familial commitments or loyalty towards friends or unconditional love, he has explained Every emotion with simplicity.

If you are looking for a soft, romantic story then this is it.