Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava is a romance driven fictional story about Kritika’s romance.

Romance, as usually painted in novels and stories is not a bed of roses. Atleast, not always. So, what is romance? A story or a feeling; a moment or a lifetime, is it about me or you; is it about us or about them? What it is? Is it all about love or lies and betrayals?

Questions are many and so are the identities of love. She with this book attempts to identify and familiarize with one such facet – a story about Kritika and Tanishq.

This story is about is about living in love individually; though separately. Those who have read Harshita earlier know what a magician she is. And, for those who plan to read her for the first time, she is a magician of words.

Harshita has a strong hold on her writing and editing skills. She understands and thus, portrays her characters in a strong manner, such that she not only leaves you influenced but motivated enough to fight back with your bunch of setbacks.

As you may have perceived, Kritika is a strong character who gives in her all she had for her love. Love? What love?

Explore how she identifies love of her life and goes beyond lies and betrayals. Will she be able to identify lies and betrayals as well? Will she finally win her love? Why a romance shud be tagged as ‘Bad Romance’?

Get your answers hidden within the paper sheets and ponder upon what a bad romance is all about.

I liked reading this book. It is an easy, enjoyable and thought provoking read inspired by a true story. It may be about you, it may be about me. Easy relatable. Coming to the publishing aspect, publishing quality and paper quality is good. Usually you donot get a fine quality paper used in fictions but they are here to change the norms and revolutionalise the established  standards. Worth a spend.