Cheer Up! Is yet another account from the young magician of words, Ila Garg. This is a strong story but since, this comes from her pen, it could have been better.

This story is about a sweet girl Ishaani, who is soft and kind hearted. It details about her journey of introduction to love and friendship till the time she starts to appreciate the spectrum of emotions painted in her life.

She is not a fictional character at all rather she seems to be reflection of us only. Yes, such is the charisma of the author that she creates her characters who are larger than life and easily relatable.

Ila has portrayed her character very thoughtfully. The way she introduces her and her friends makes you revisit your teenage days and those crushes, innocent mistakes, pleasurable moments of enjoying success and fighting failure.

She starts her novel with beautiful lines and wraps it up in a collection of 18 beautiful chapters. Initially, I got a little confused withso many characters but as soon as I visualised myself as Ishaani, I was her and her story was mine. She has been gifted with the boon to carve out beautiful strings of words and that too easily.

As the title suggests, she motivates the readers to Cheer up and face the life as it comes. She, very  advocates that our life is a blend of happy and sad elements. Thus, stop regretting and start living!

So, all you guys who declare that it’s hard to understand girls; Ila is here to your rescue. A must read for all those who wish to attempt to  understand a female’s heart and mind.

Having said this, I once again state that I expect something more from her stories but kudos for her efforts. Taking note of the fact that this comes as one of her initial creations, she promises to be a potentially successful author.