India, is a topic that is far too emotional for any genre specific writer. Be it a historical one or a fiction writer all have their persona reflected in their writings. This story happens to be one such an attempt to identify the otherwise anynomous writer. 🙂

Generally speaking, writers till date have sprinkled the shower of romance in their stories with patriotism only by detailing falling in love with own’s motherland. Here comes an innovative story teller who has actually managed or should I say dared to amalgamate lovey – dovey romance with patriotism.

As the title suggests, the story is about an era when OUR India was one! The story is developed on a fictional plot wherein India again succumbs to the pain of partition, one more time. This time, it is not about love across borders or across India or Pakistan; it is between North India and South India!!!

Strange as it may sound, the most striking feature of Indian culture – Unity in diversity becomes the dividing line ending in a political unrest. The story develops around this backdrop and discusses how it affects the fate of the Indians, both residing in and outside India.

The story begins with Introduction to Jai, who is heading fast to see her beloved Kaahi, across the border of North India – South India and develops further as he remembers the time when he met her and when India was One.

The author reinforces his plot by introducing Jai’s college friends hailing from different Indian communities and hence symbolic of secularism. The college romance blossoms into marriage and progresses with the dreams of an average Indian i.e. settling abroad.

They are pushed to visit India with the onset of an unrestful situation in order to reassure the safety of their respective families. Sadly, they realise that they now need to visit two different India (s). Why? How ? Are a few questions that have their answers hidden in the story. The story is all about how they try hard to meet once again. It is about a saga of separation and reunion with friends and family.

You will enjoy the essence and fragnance of Indian land, family bondages, college freakouts and ambitious future plans. You will feel the pain of separation and partition. The author’s simplistic writing style keeps you down to earth.

Though, repeated mention of Hindi translations of English words made it a little redundant but then, with such an interesting theme, it was not too hard to be ignored. Nevertheless, a page wide list should have been a smarter alternative.

I liked how he sticked to the basic romantic theme despite of the political ramifications which would have made the story more confusing. He laid emphasis on love angle with no distractions and he managed it fairly well.

Definitely a recommended read.