When Hari met his Saali is a joyful ride of human emotions traversing through three hearts.

It is a triangular path with humorous twists and turns. No, it is not at all a generally predictable story rather the author keeps you busy with workable signs and indications to continue turning the pages.

Hari, Hariprasad Malhotra is seeing Tia Galhotra since past six years and they are now getting married, no no, getting engaged, now! He is a simple, down to earth and a no-showoff man, who loves Tia religiously. Contrastingly, Tia Galhotra is over energetic, highly ambitious, highly organised woman fully loaded with high aspirations from her life. She unlike Hari was born and brought up in Nagpur, India. She landed U.S.A. for continuing education but started her professional stint here itself not to return to her homeland, to her family.

She has an adamant mother and a loving sister, Simi in the name of family. Simi is an average girl with her share of dreams. Her societal ranking amplitudes as soon as she is invited to U.S.A. to attend her sister’s engagement ceremony.

The story shares the incidents as she lands in her sister’s territory and how her, her sister’s and her love’s lives gets affected.

The characterization is strong as they carry their flavors with poise till the end. In addition to the three lead characters, the supporting characters – the friends; the family and the peers; are well balanced. Pick a parameter and the author has outperformed in doing justice to the role and the character.

Harsh Warrdhan is an experienced and well travelled script writer. His work advocates his writing skills. The story never falls short of its charm and keeps to engaged. You will smile, giggle, laugh and scratch your heads as you enjoy reading this twisted tale of love.

A refreshing romantic fiction worth a read. Till then, keep wondering about what happens,  ” When Hari met his Saali”.