About the Book

It must be admitted that India, a vast country, physically many times more than many countries, has made tremendous material progress; economically, scientifically and technologically. It is being revered or feared as a power to reckon with.

India is passing through a disturbing phase. The country is torn between the political parties while people loose their common wealth and prosperity, prospect to grow as proper citizens of the world. Corruption of all sorts is eating into its health.

The first part of this work is an effort to present the past history of the country and the present condition of it based on authentic works, newspaper reports and discussion in periodicals. The second part of the book presents some enlightening inspirational ideas based on parables, stories and golden advices of great spiritual personalities. They suggest the paths to be followed for true and honest development of the country, of the human beings in general.


About the Author

Aju Mukhopadhyay is a bilingual award winning poet, author and critic, writes fictions and essays too.

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