Four Corners of Circle is not a book. It is a religious attempt to refresh what all we are guided with by our parents, our teachers and our mentors. It will not be an anomoly if I say this book – a MENTOR.

Since times immemorial, students have been guided and mentored for assistance in pursuing their career and aspirations. Utmost care and attention is expected during such knowledge sharing sessions. Reasons need to be backed up with apt and ample amount of examples and set benchmarks.

This work is an attempt to guide the students with an appropriate approach to finalize upon their career decisions. Having said this, it surpasses the ‘students’ category in its scope and expands to ‘parents’ and ‘teaching’ community as well. Students will enjoy reading it due to its simplicity and efficacy; whereas the ‘parents’ and ‘teachers’ community will pick it and praize it for its timeless and seamless set of examples thst fit-in very easily in any student’s life.

Proceeding further, the working professionals as well, can throw a glance over it for refreshing their tiresome mood after working hard and burning oil and blood for earning a living. It will help you to reitirate all the teachings learnt during the hunting and/or struggling period.

On completion, readers will feel empowered as their thoughts will be more streamlined and path-ahead will be easily spotted and with utmost clarity. Though, readers will find most of the thoughts, to be repitition of what they already know about but the author takes an edge with his style of narration. The simplicity with which he flows his thoughts from his mind to book and from the book pages to reader’s mind, makes the book purchase deal worth a consideration.

Mohit Jain himself is an experienced professional who brings his expertise packaged in the form of a book at your disposal. He has been successfully dispensing his duties of being a teacher, a mentor and a trainer since past handsome years. With this book he steps ahead to leave a positive impact on its readers.

A recommended read for college students who are soon to be stepping into the job hunting zone and longing to land up into the best bet among the hungry corporates.

Undoubtedly, a suggested read to be secured by libraries of edicational institutes and corporate houses as well.